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Totally Crazy - Mike Dooley

The deep blue sea
spoke to me;
it was holding back
a mystery.
A dolphin took me by the hand;
it wanted me to understand
that in this life
there's more to behold
than bags of money and pots of gold.
Believe in yourself
and you will see
how happy and free
you were meant to be.

And the totally crazy thing is that when you do believe in yourself, things, material things, maybe even bags of money and pots of gold, begin showing up in your life, almost inexplicably.

But actually it's all quite explicable.

You see, when you truly believe in yourself, you stop living in the past and your regrets and sorrows disappear. You stop worrying about the future and your doubts and fears fall away. You stop focusing on what you're not and begin seeing all that you already are.

Then, with your mind as calm as a glassy sea, you effortlessly think thoughts of gratitude for the present and for your dreams tomorrow. These thoughts will then do what all thoughts must do: strive to become the things and events of your life. But this time around, now that you believe in yourself, they'll have much less competition.

Mike Dooley,

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