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The ABCs of Manifestation - Mike Dooley

do what you can
with what you've got,
from where you are.

However, and this is really tricky but super important, don't expect that your efforts alone are what will make your dreams come true. Don't hinge the manifestation of your goals to what you do, but instead, understand that by doing all you can, you inspire the Universe to do all it can.

It's like this: You do A, the Universe does B, and you arrive at C. This is how everything works. A alone, however, will never get you to C. But it's the only way to get to B.

Now beware! If you forget about B and think that everything rides on A, you'll sweat the details, criticize yourself for not doing more and for not being better, and eventually convince yourself that you don't have "the right stuff", effectively decommissioning, firing, the Universe. Conversely, those who tend to think that everything rides on B often forget about A and go nowhere, while proclaiming that the Universe is alive with Magic.

You must do all you can -- not with the idea that what you do must be clever enough, fast enough, or sufficient enough to bring your dreams to life, but because your every effort will set invisible waves into motion, which will then summon all the elements to do your will.

Mike Dooley,

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