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How to Live Long - Mike Dooley

Be free, live now
Give hope, show how.
Share love, take care.
Stand tall, play fair.
Know right from wrong.
Be happy, live long.

Some very simple rules for a very simple game: the game of life. And whether you realize it or not, you're already a winner. You were born a winner.

No matter where you find yourself today, no matter how you may have tripped and stumbled in the past, you're still a winner. You've always done your best, and though you may now wish you had done a few things differently, at least your course has brought you to today. And the best thing about today is that now you're free to paint the present, and tomorrow, any color you like.

You're free to think the thoughts that will next become the things and events of your life. And you stand before the rest of your life with the greatest of allies: a loving, caring, invisible Universe that is now conspiring tirelessly in your favor; a living Universe that gets out of bed when you do, drives to work with you and now even site beside you.

If it is not already clear, it will be before long. The reason you are where you are today with the wisdom, love, and understandings that your life has instilled in you is so that you can fully enjoy and appreciate the splendors that are now being laid out before you.

You go!

Hey, did you realize that the Universe doesn't conspire on your behalf based upon need? That it doesn't conspire on your behalf once you're deserving? That it doesn't care what you did or didn't do in the past? That it doesn't care what you will or won't do today? And that it doesn't care if you ask, it doesn't care if you pray, it doesn't even care what you think?

Nothing can turn it off! It's always conspiring!

Which means right now, between these very words, it's there conspiring to carry you through today, this week, and eternity on clouds of silver, wings of gold and chariots of fire.

Mike Dooley,

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