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How Can We Get Into a State of Flow? - Abraham Hicks

By finding one small thing that makes you happy when you think about it, and then focusing upon it until the Law of Attraction brings more and more and more. The more you think of what you want, the more positive emotion will come forth... and the more positive emotion that comes forth, the more you will know that you are thinking about what you want. And so, it is a matter of you - deliberately and consciously - making the decision of which direction of flow you want.

Everyone, without exception, is attracting everything that comes into their experience, but when you deliberately choose the direction of your thought, gently guiding your attention to better-feeling thoughts, you will no longer create unwanted things by default. Your conscious awareness of the powerful Law of Attraction, coupled with your determination to pay attention to your emotions and your desire to feel good, will cause you to experience the joy of Deliberate Creation.

Abraham Hicks,

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