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Which Teacher(s) Do You Believe? - Melody Fletcher

It's time you freaking learn to think for yourself (and yep, I'm talking to all of you). There's no one teacher or authority figure you can follow. Some will have more relevant information for you than others, so you will resonate with more of what they say. But always remember that everything and everyone are just delivery mechanisms for your manifestations. Whether or not you accept the gifts they offer is always up to you, and you have to make that decision each and every time...

No one can tell you what to believe or what to think. Not even me. How can you know whom to trust? How can you know what's true? It's easy, really: You get to choose what's true for you. You get to choose what to believe. I advise that you choose to believe what feels good, but it is, as always, up to you. Many people choose to believe horrible feeling stuff. That's their prerogative. And it's yours, as well. Keep in mind that you can always change your mind. So, what do you choose to believe right now?

Melody Fletcher,

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