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In the Blessed Stillness - Karen Money Williams

In the Blessed Stillness I relax now in the stillness, in the silence, and focus within myself. Without strain, I hold my attention here as long as I can. When I notice my mind wandering to the events of the day or to my to-do list, I gently return to my inner focus. I learn to remain in a state of restful but alert blankness for increasing periods of time, and I pause to "go there" if I feel stressed, befuddled, or clueless. 

When I cease mental chatter and reacting to life, when I enter a state of calm receptivity, I usher into my being a powerful dose of the very energy that creates worlds. This energy "reads" my deepest desires and sets in motion the events and circumstances through which I will receive them. This energy also brings mental and physical healing and balance, as well as clarity, wisdom, and guidance. 

All I need do is sit still and let it in - this energy that creates worlds. The energy of transcendent love. It is here for me now, and I receive.

Karen Money Williams,

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