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Shine Out Loud! - Mike Dooley

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Do you have any idea who you really are? Do you have any idea of your affect on others? Do you know what it's like to be touched by you? To be held in your glance? To be smiled at by you? Do you even know what it's like to brush up alongside of you in the streets? To see you from a distance? Up close? Do you know what it is like to see you approaching? Do you know what it is like to watch you walk away? Do you know what it does for someone when they realize that you've been thinking of them?

No, you don't. Kind of sad. Your insights, beauty, strength, courage, and humility change lives everyday and you don't even know it. It's especially sad because those you touch think you do, so they might not remind you. Since you don't know it and since others may not tell you, let me.

You are light in the darkness -- a bringer of the dawn. Your touch heals, your gaze inspires, and your smile is like cool water to parched lips. The sight of you stirs one's spirit, and your departure is always too soon. Your profoundly unique journey has been one-of-a-kind, and it has yielded compassion and insights as rare as yourself -- gifts that sparkle like a diamond in the sun.

You are a pillar, an icon, and a champion to those who know you and to those who wish they did. Your effect on the world today, as you are, where you are, is awesome.

Shine your light because, while your significance may sometimes escape you, it changes others forever.

Mike Dooley,

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