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The Outside World - Emily Maroutian

Is there an actual reality or is reality only what we interpret and see? Is there anything that exists outside of our filter, and can we ever know or experience it?

The mind creates much of the world around us and we forget or are not aware that it does, accepting everything we see and experience as fact.

Ultimately, the outside world exists inside ourselves. We have created it and it only exists because we do.

The outside world is internalized and the internal world is projected out. Outside blends into inside and inside flows out. If this relationship is in harmony and balance, there is peace.

The problem is that we try to change the out to match the in. When the only thing we can change is the in. We struggle, force and fight the outside world to fit into our internal world.

We can harmonize with the outside world through awareness of our judgments, prejudices and beliefs toward it.

Emily Maroutian,

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