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What Are You Filled With? - Emily Maroutian

We are all complete. There is no emptiness within us. As soon as space opens up, it is automatically filled. When you get rid of an old belief, a new one takes it place.  When you get rid of an old habit, a new one takes its place.

Since we are all filled inside, we can't add anything to what we already have. We must first make space by dumping out the old.

You already have thoughts, beliefs and feelings about everything. If I asked about "money," you can give me your thoughts, feelings and beliefs about money. Even if you don't currently have money. "I'm broke. I don't have any money." "It's hard making money." "It takes money to make money." All of these things contribute to who you're being.

Your money section is full. It will always be full. It's just a matter of what you fill it with. We believe that being isn't connected with money or relationships. We think that it's a matter of circumstance. "I just haven't found the right person." "I just don't have the right job or opportunities to make money."

If you are not willing to give up being a complainer, a pessimist or quick tempered you may miss those opportunities because you are too busy complaining, too busy judging people who might offer you opportunities, or pushing people and connections away.

Emily Maroutian,

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