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Disable Those Limiting Beliefs! - Mike Dooley

We have inner conversations that sound like "I'll start living in abundance once my novel becomes a best seller." But why limit the infinite avenues of abundance to the line corridor of selling a novel? And by the same token, why saddle the dream of writing a book with the burden of creating wealth? "I'll be happy once I lose this weight." Sorry, but what does happiness have to do with weight? Nothing -- unless we think, say, and believe so.

These kinds of self-imposed parameters are the result of a limited belief in our own supernatural abilities, vis-a-vis thoughts become things and they ignore the true magic that belies every new manifestation. This leads us to think we have to logically and physically figure out exactly how to bring our dreams to pass, which in effect actually creates restrictions and limitations that need not exist.

Whatever it is that you now want, give what you can of it to yourself. And if you feel resistance, follow that wagging tail to the invisible dog it belongs to. Enjoying your life today, by living your dreams to the degree you presently can, is perhaps one of the most powerful things you can do toward expanding your belief system, while disabling limiting, even invisible beliefs.

Mike Dooley,

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