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Everything is a Decision - Richard J. Levy

The wonderful pleasure of success begins with a clear, concise intention. Are you deciding to think big or small? Are you deciding to exercise the power of persistence regardless of challenges, or have you decided to quit at the first hurdle? Have you decided to think, feel, and visualize your goal already in your possession, or have you decided to give allegiance to the evening news talk of shortages and give up?

Everything is a decision. Not deciding is a decision. A choice to act and believe in success until its manifestation is a decision. Similarly, justifying why you do not want to succeed is also a decision. It all comes back to the thoughts you choose to send to the Universe. The Universe does not differentiate big thinking from small thinking or clearly stated goals from ambiguous goals. The choice is yours and yours only. Think big and succeed in big ways.

Richard J. Levy,

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