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Management Position - Karen Money Williams

As I learn to manage my reactions to life, I become master of my destiny.

But as long as I feel good when life seems good and I feel bad when life seems bad, I can hang a "Home Sweet Home" sign on a varied - pleasant and unpleasant - experience. Because life reacts to my reactions!

Life is always responding and re-configuring itself according to how I think. When I'm predominantly negative for a while, I elicit events not to my liking. When I'm mainly positive, I evoke circumstances that I desire.

As I practice staying upbeat, trusting, serene, accepting, and grateful, no matter what, I usher in the good for which I yearn: abundance, love, appreciation, and health. When, on the other hand, I allow my focus and emotions to flop all over the place, I summon circumstances that will likewise be a mixed bag.

No matter what occurs today, I try to choose peace. I try to choose optimism. I try to choose joy. I thus choose miraculous transformation and a life beyond previous imagining.

Karen Money Williams,

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