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Easy Now - Karen Money Williams

It is just as easy to manifest wealth as it is to manifest poverty. It is just as easy to attract a loving relationship as it is to attract a turbulent one. It is just as easy to experience radiant good health as it is to live with all sorts of ailments. It is just as easy to magnetize a relaxed, leisurely schedule as it is to be perpetually stressed and harried over not-enough-time.

The process by which I create either a miserable existence or a miraculous existence never changes - it is through my mental focus. If I consistently give attention to what is wrong, unjust, lacking, bad, stupid, and annoying, I create a life that is riddled with those kinds of things. Likewise, if I regularly focus on that which is pleasing, enjoyable, fulfilling, and wondrous, I dramatically pull those very sorts of things into my experience.

The drill is always the same: That which I dwell on expands. That from which I remove my attention shrinks. My outer world is the perfect, precise result of this inner focus, and I can use this principle to transform every aspect of life.

Karen Money Williams,

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