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How to Inspire the Magic - Mike Dooley

To be or not to be
depends on what you do
For actions speak louder than words,
but to act is up to you.

Something magical happens when you act in line with your dreams, when you behave, at least once a day, as if your desire has already manifested. Actually, many thing happen.

First, such an act actually suspends any hidden beliefs of yours that may have kept you from having whatever it is you want. This is good.

Second, you accomplish whatever the act was. Also good.

Third, you are physically revealing to the Universe that you do believe in your dream, the power, and forces unseen.

Go you!

Fourth, you momentarily take your mind off of the lack or unfulfillment you've been experiencing, while your focus expands to include more thoughts that parallel such acts. Good.

Fifth, you feel the emotions that went along with your act, empowering the related thoughts to become things even faster. Also good.

Sixth, it's fun. Always good.

Seventh, you summon the Universe, inspiring its magic. You command it to pick up where you've left off, to act as you have acted, manipulating the people, events, and circumstances of your life in harmonious, mutually beneficial ways to make physical that which you have envisioned. Awesome.

It's so simple. Visualize once a day for five minutes. Perform one act of faith per day and you'll have the world in the palm of your hand.

Mike Dooley,

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