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Getting the Good Stuff - Karen Money Williams

In order to bring into my life that which I most desire - that which would bring me much happiness - I must be fairly consistently happy already. This great paradoxical principle is the missing puzzle piece in creating the experiences for which I long. There is a universal match game going on behind all creation, and I can draw to myself that which I want only when I am in a fairly regular state of contentment and "all's well with the world."

I can visualize, I can "treasure map," I can pray until I'm blue in the face for what I want. But it will not be able to come into my experience until I begin to clear up dissatisfaction, disappointment, heartache, frustration, or antagonism that exists in various areas of my thinking. Until I start to see things differently in those pockets of pain, my dreams and desires will be slow in coming.

Today I notice my thinking habits and where adjustments can be made. This may not be easy work. It may not be work that other people understand and participate in themselves. But this process will take me exactly, exactly, exactly where I want to go.

Karen Money Williams,

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