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I Think About What I Think About - Karen Money Williams

At any moment, there is a vast array of thoughts I can think. I am not compelled merely to contemplate the good, the bad, and the ugly things that may be going on around me. I can savor fun memories, I can ponder achieving a goal. I can chuckle over a joke, I can appreciate nature's radiance, and I can notice the competence and kindness of others.

When I think happy thoughts and feel good as a result, I summon more of that which I desire, more of that which is pleasant and rewarding. The reverse is also true: When I consistently focus on what and whom I don't like and what has gone haywire, I am beckoning more of the same.

Today I allow my thoughts to expand in a positive direction. I shrug off inadequacies, mistakes, and failures. I rejoice in newfound beauty, goodness, and perfection.

My thoughts are powerful. I attract that to which I give my mental focus. I make this a guiding principle, and I behold my life transform.

Karen Money Williams,

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