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Attention Shifting - Karen Money Williams

Every thought that I think is a prayer for more of the same to manifest in my experience. It is through my thoughts and resulting feelings that I set in motion the events and circumstances of my life.

With this guiding principle in mind (pun intended), I pay attention to what I pay attention to. When I notice myself thinking about a situation or person that seems aggravating, frustrating, perplexing, even mildly irritating, I deliberately turn my attention elsewhere - to a neutral subject or, better yet, to something that brings me joy. If it is necessary for me to deal with an upsetting person or scenario, I make every effort to uncover aspects that are positive and pleasing before I proceed.

Through this process of shifting my attention to that which I like and that which I want, I begin to create unprecedented health and happiness. The concept is exceedingly simple. The practice, however, takes determination and discipline. I persevere, for every bit of effort pays huge dividends in terms of a transformed life.

Karen Money Williams,

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