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Agh Ahem... It's Me Again ... The Universe - Mike Dooley


I'm feeling kind of adventurous today. You?

Tell you what... let's do away with some rules. Gravity for starters. Time too. Let's fly... and be young again. YOUNGER, I mean. Like kids.

Close your eyes and meet me over the very building you're now in... hovering in space, looking down at its roof and off into the horizon that surrounds us. Imagine this as I go...

We're slowly gazing all around and soaking up the beauty that's everywhere. THEN, in a flash, everything's turned snowy white. Pure, radiant white... above, below, and everywhere we look. NOTHING VISIBLE BUT WHITE... with one, microscopic exception. In the distance, unimaginably far, far away... we see what looks like a tiny, tiny, tiny speck... OF GOLD. Ummmmmmm... gold is always good.

At first it appears that the gold is slowly, really slowly, getting bigger... but what's actually happening is that we are getting closer to it. At first it seems we are moving slowly, but actually we're moving at the speed of light... then even faster, it's just that the gold is so, so far away.

Ages pass, but the ride is awesome! Galaxies pass, but it's so exciting! Light years pass, but time stands still.

NOW... there's no more white. Just gold. Nowhere to go because we're already there. And it turns out, this gold is so much more than a color... because you can hear it too... kind of purring... and you can FEEL its luxurious warmth on your skin, all over your body, and as you breathe it, the aroma's like roses or plumeria or jasmine.

Most peculiar is that you sense IT'S ALIVE, supremely intelligent and acutely aware... OF YOU. You know it knows, what you're thinking, what you're feeling, and it's as if your happiness is ALL that it cares about.

Not just alive, but responsive too, IMPRESSIONABLE, obliged even, to flood your physical senses... with ALL that you can imagine... like it's about to do.

Suddenly, the gold begins sparkling... billions and billions of sparkles envelop you... flashing, winking, shining... and slowly, slowly, slowly... it begins to fade away... pixel for pixel, sparkle for sparkle, it begins manifesting itself into something... even more spectacular, dazzling, and magical than what it was... LO AND BEHOLD...

Before your very eyes, right this very moment, the GOLD has transformed itself... into... TODAY... and yet another day, in paradise. Wow. Welcome back.

By the way, the GOLD was me all along... so is today. And I love you with all my heart.

The Universe xxoo

P.S. -- I turned the gravity back on... but you are still younger.
P.P.S. -- Whenever you want a change of scenery, just summon the Gold.

Mike Dooley,

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