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Imagination Rules - Mike Dooley

It's really quite simple;
you just have to believe
that life is for living
the dreams you conceive.

Nothing on earth is more powerful than your thoughts -- nothing. Nothing can make you happier, healthier, wealthier, and wiser, nor sadder, sicker, poorer, or dumber! They travel faster than light. They reach the ends of the earth and touch every person in between. They trump all physical laws. They're free. They come to you effortlessly. And you get to chose your favorite ones.

Yet for all their power, there is a reason why your thoughts might not serve your highest and best interests, and it's frightfully prevalent. It's actually rampant, even contagious. It's this: People, even people who understand the above points -- especially people who understand the above points -- mistakenly think that knowing this stuff is the same as living this stuff. It's not.

Today, and this week, may you begin living this stuff; harnessing your thoughts; willfully choosing them; dwelling on the abundance, health, and harmony that the Universe is now pushing out to you; visualizing; acting "as if;" and giving thanks that your dreams have already come true. It's worth it! Your dreams are worth it! You're worth it! And it's easy!

Believe in your inevitable success because it is inevitable. You can't lose as an unlimited Being of Light who lives in a world where imagination rules, where thoughts become things and all things are possible. You are eternal, forever, and unending. Nothing can change this, and as sure as there will be a tomorrow, you will inevitably triumph in the happiest of ways.

Mike Dooley,

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