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What I Knew - Karen Money Williams

My life is an out-picturing of my habits-of-thought. I attract my own reality, and I ever have the ability to shift that reality by adjusting my thoughts. No matter what my present circumstances, I am able to become, do, and have anything I want through gradually changing my mental focus.

I knew all of this when I came forth into physical expression from non-physical energy. I joyfully came into human form for the adventure of experiencing desires, focusing on them, manifesting them, and thus getting to experience the results of my creation in a physical setting.

I knew fully well that I would encounter many things I liked and many things I didn’t like and would form strong desires and preferences for the things I liked.

I knew that by focusing my attention on what I liked, I could manifest that time and again in my experience.

I knew that by removing my attention from what I didn’t like and want, I would not rendezvous with those things. I knew the rules of the game, and I anticipated much fun. And now, as I re-learn these rules, life can become joyous.

Karen Money Williams,

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