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Why Do You - Mike Dooley

To want
to need,
to dream,
and to grow
reveals the secrets
you come here to know.

Our desires come first; they lead us forward. Then later, as we find ourselves in the thick of things, "needs" crop up. We need to survive because we want to live. But which is more important? Which is less honorable?

Desires are often thought of as selfish or frivolous, while needs are essential and natural. But consider their ordering, can needs be respected if desires are suppressed?

Both needs and desires are part of the curriculum here. And their gifts lie more in where they will take you rather than in their realization. Without either what would compel us to go forward, to achieve, to experience, and to be our totally unique selves?

Honor your passions as much as your needs -- whatever they are. Look to understand the rewards they promise and enjoy the ride they inspire.

Mike Dooley,

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