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Plenty of Time - Mike Dooley

"Where you are is never "who" you are.
You're always more.
Infinitely more.

Being spiritual means a good many things, but a good many people misunderstand most of them. So to clarify, here's how I see it and you: Being spiritual means seeing yourself as divine, not just of the divine -- a creator, not just the created. You needn't be saved, forgiven or fixed. You've already changed the world, added to its brilliance, and done enough. You're there because, in some long forgotten time, you already earned your wings.

Of course, there are still challenges. You wanted it this way; it's part of your nature and these challenges will serve to make you even greater. In spite of these, you are still a winner; you are among the relative few who have been so bold, and today is part of your victory lap.

Mike Dooley,

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