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Letting Go - James Weaver

Letting go is about dropping your emotional and mental attachments to your intention.  You have to let go by remaining emotionally detached from the outcome of your attraction process.  If you are worried, anxious, scared, or any other negative emotion this will impede your receiving.  If you feel that you MUST have your desire, you will also impede your desire.  This is because you will be focused on the LACK- the absence of what you desire-and not the desired object itself.  When we get focused on lack, we attract more lack.  When you have to have something, you are emotionally tied up with the attainment of the desire.  This is a barrier to attraction. What I am advocating is a mental state where you are okay with where you are (meaning not fretting about it, being anxious, depressed, etc.), but at the same time desiring more. 

James Weaver,

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