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Feel It. Prove It. - Mike Dooley

I am a thought;
I make dreams come true
but that's just the half
of what thoughts can do.
Please use great care
when you choose what you think,
because whatever it is
may appear in a blink.
That's what we do
in time and in space,
as soon as we're thought,
we look for our place.
For better of worse,
to win or to lose,
the thing to remember
is you get to choose!

What a gift! What power! You get to choose what you think and, thus, how your life will unfold.

Seems to easy, doesn't it? That's because we're so accustomed to letting the things and events of time and space tell us what and how to think, completely oblivious to the fact that the things of time and space sprang from our earlier thoughts.

It's time you break this cycle! Begin seeing yourself as the starting point of your experiences not the life that now surrounds you. And start imagining yourself living the life of your dreams -- visualize! -- without regard to your old thoughts and their present manifestations. Hold on tight to these new thoughts and don't let the world shake them from your grasp. Then, as your new thoughts begin taking hold and bearing fruit, remember how you did it so that you can begin proving to yourself, once and for all, that this principle of thoughts becoming things is absolute, immutable, and the greatest gift you've ever been given!

This ain't Kansas, Toto, and this ain't any ordinary adventure. Here, the truth is stranger than fiction. And it will set you free from boredom, routine, and stagnation. The truth I'm speaking of is that you are an unlimited Being of Light equipped with all you need to have all you want. And what's required of you is simply that you begin acting like an unlimited Being of Light. Start. You don't have to be perfect -- just do your best. If you fall, get up. One day at a time.

Be the spark that lights the fire of change in your heart and in the hearts of all those fortunate enough to cross your path. Break a habit, change a pattern, pitch the kid gloves. And by your actions, you'll proclaim to the entire Universe that nothing will ever be the same. So be it. Hallelujah!

Mike Dooley,

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