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Count me in! I dig it. It's sort of like an Abraham-esque I Ching or Tarot reading. Brilliant! It's wonderful that you're following your joy... because, naturally, that's your trail of popcorn to the place where they keep all the Dang Good Stuff. Isn't life so much more enjoyable when we give up the need to know exactly where we're headed?
Debbianne DeRose, http://debbianne.com

It sounds like you're putting together a fantastic project! I checked out your site and I love the whole idea. :o) I look forward to seeing how your site evolves! If you need anything else from me, just let me know.
Melody Fletcher, http://www.deliberatereceiving.com

Thoughts from the Universe is an amazing website and the man who runs it, David, is just the person you'd want providing you with the uplifting, empowering quotes and information found there. I encourage you to see for yourself how inspiring and important Thoughts from the Universe can be. Just as Zig Ziglar said when challenged that motivation doesn't last: "That's right. And neither does bathing, which is why it's recommended daily." You'll undoubtedly find, as I have, that it becomes a regular stop for your daily jot of spiritual "caffeine".
Greg Kuhn, http://whyquantumphysicists.com

We are thrilled to be included on your site. Looking forward to seeing what you create, David. Boni also responded that she would be honored if you were to link to the Live a Life You Love website from your wonderful new creation. Thank you for reaching out about it. We are excited for you and your new site!
Boni Lonnsburry/Gwen Buehler, http://www.livealifeyoulove.com

Oh my gosh, David, I LOVE your site!! I can't wait to share this with everyone I know! This is a great way for conscious creators to stay on top of their game. Thanks for creating it!! :) Love & Miracles -
Jeannette Maw, http://www.goodvibeblog.com

I would be honored to be quoted on your website - which I think is a FANTASTIC idea. You have my total support. Thanks David! Best of luck. With gratitude,
Michael Samuels, http://justasktheuniverse.com

My name is Julie and I work with Michael Samuels. We would love to have you add him to your website. He is very excited to have been discovered by you. Please let me know if you need anything. We are grateful for your help in spreading the word! I hope you have a wonderful day!
Julie Geber, http://justasktheuniverse.com