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Where you are now and everything that you currently have or don't have is a result of all your previous thoughts, beliefs and actions. If you continue your previous thoughts, beliefs and actions then you will continue to receive more of the same.

Most of us continue thinking, believing and acting in the same manner but expect different results.

You can't wait for circumstances to change. You must change, and then the circumstances will change. If you continue to think, believe and act in the same manner, you will create cycles by recreating your past over and over again.

Emily Maroutian,

Who you're being, at any given moment, is reflected in your environment. It's not that your environment magically changes, it's that your filter changes. You notice only the things that reflect who you're being at that given moment.

We all know people who only focus on the negative, give them any situation and they will still find a way to complain about something. It's annoying and frustrating for everyone else but they're not consciously doing it; they're on Autopilot. 

It's not that everything around them is bad, it's that who they're being doesn't allow them to see the good things. 

Who they're being is reflected around them, not the other way around. We react to things around us but those things reflect us. Again, it's not that your environment magically changes, it's that your filter changes.

Emily Maroutian,

How can I show you avoidance? Can you see that? Can you picture that? Avoidance doesn't really exist. Avoidance is thinking. So how can you focus your effort on thinking? All it's going to do is make you do that which you don't want.

So when we work hard to try to accomplish something that doesn't really exist, we end up getting what we didn't want. Since avoiding doesn't really exist, we're left only with the thing we didn't want.

Therefore, instead of avoidance, we must focus our attention on something creative that produces results in the place of the thing we don't want.

Emily Maroutian,

We can use autosuggestion consciously in our favor. We usually have a habit of telling ourselves negative information, bombarding our subconscious mind with negativity we eventually end up believing. 

You can use autosuggestion by presenting your mind with repetitive thoughts (negative or positive), until those thoughts become internalized. 

Autosuggestion can be used deliberately to help you shift your thoughts and beliefs. However, it is also an unintentional process. Whether you realize it or not, you are using autosuggestion to make yourself believe things. 

The main thoughts in a person's conscious mind, if repeated over a long period, can train the person's subconscious mind to arrange their beliefs according to those thoughts.

Emily Maroutian,

We already know what the negative, inaccurate inner conversations can do to our relationships with others and our lives. However, the continuous negative Self-Talk can also alter your sense of self and the world around you. 

This is how it works: Self-Talk (what you tell yourself every day) affects your Self-Image (your beliefs and feelings about yourself), which in turn affects your Actions (the things you do day to day), which in turn affects your Self-Talk. This cycle must be changed in our favor.

Continuous negative Self-Talk will never make you feel good about yourself and it will affect your actions which will then reinforce your negative Self-Talk.  If we don’t make a conscious decision to stop and shift, we will repeat this cycle for the rest of our lives.

Emily Maroutian,

The first step is awareness. We must be aware of these things. The first step is also the awareness of responsibility.

When we are aware, we choose the event, our response and the outcome. If we cannot choose the event, like an accident or death, we can still choose our response and therefore the outcome. 

Many times, we lose ourselves in an event and forget that the event is not the outcome; our response to the event is the outcome.

Whether the event is chosen or not, your response is your response-ability. No one else carries the responsibility. You can't control the traffic jam, the accidents or other things, but you can control how you react to them. There are happy people in traffic jams, singing loudly in their cars and dancing in their seats. There are people who dance in the rain.

Emily Maroutian,

How we choose to view our environment, our family, society, life, the world and ourselves makes a dramatic difference in who we are, how we feel and what we choose to do.

The world acts as a mirror because of our filter. Whatever emotion or deed you choose to project on to the world will be mirrored back. It's not magic, it’s psychology. If I believe that the world is full of angry people, my mind will pay more attention to people who are angry. Moreover, once I see an angry person, it will confirm my belief. If we look for the bad in others, we will find the bad. What we seek, we will find.

Emily Maroutian,

We walk a subconsciously chosen path: one of reaction, blame, reasons, cycles, miscommunication, misunderstandings and limiting beliefs. It is a path doomed to go on forever because of our unawareness of it or resistance to acknowledge it. When we finally become aware, we can then begin to alter our lives in miraculous ways. The path is what we call life, the events that take place between birth and death.

Awareness goes against habit. It is what is required to see habits, break old habits and form new, positive ones.

When we consciously make a decision or perform an act, we are aware that we are doing it. We hold the ability to adjust our actions at any point in time. We can choose to stop what we are doing and do something else.

Emily Maroutian,

When our beliefs change, our filter changes as well. Soon enough our thoughts change, our feelings change, our actions change and the world changes. The world changes because we change. 

Someone once told me that the world is a mirror of the self. If you are feeling angry, you will encounter people and things that make you feel angry. If you are happy, you will encounter people and things that make you feel happy. I believe this is due to our filters.

Emily Maroutian,

Thought externalizes itself. What we are depends entirely upon the images we hold before our mind's eye. Every time we think, we start a chain of causes, which will create conditions similar to the thoughts, which originated it. Every thought we hold in our consciousness for any length of time becomes impressed upon our subconscious mind and creates a pattern, which the mind weaves into our life or environment.

All power is from within and is therefore under our own control. When you can direct your thought processes, you can consciously apply them to any condition, for all that comes to us from the world without is what we've already imaged in the world within.

Robert Collier

Even now, with the limited knowledge at our command, we can control circumstances to the point of making the world without an expression of our own world within, where the real thoughts, the real power, resides. Through this world within you can find the solution of every problem, the cause for every effect. Discover it -- and all power, all possession is within your control.

For the world without is but a reflection of that world within. Your thought creates the conditions your mind images. Keep before your mind's eye the image of all you want to be and you will see it reflected in the world without. Think abundance, feel abundance, BELIEVE abundance, and you will find that as you think and feel and believe, abundance will manifest itself in your daily life. But let fear and worry be your mental companions, thoughts of poverty and limitation dwell in your mind, and worry and fear, limitation and poverty will be your constant companions day and night.

Robert Collier

The world is to each one of us the world of individual perceptions.

You are like a radio receiving station. Every moment thousands of impressions are reaching you. You can tune in on whatever ones you like -- on joy or sorrow, on success or failure, on optimism or fear. You can select the particular impressions that will best serve you, you can hear only what you want to hear, you can shut out all disagreeable thoughts and sounds and experiences, or you can tune in on discouragement and failure and despair.

Yours is the choice. You have within you a force against which the whole world is powerless. By using it, you can make what you will of life and of your surroundings.

Robert Collier

Every condition, every experience of life is the result of our mental attitude. We can do only what we think we can do. We can be only what we think we can be. We can have only what we think we can have. What we do, what we are, what we have, all depend upon what we think. We can never express anything that we do not first have in mind. The secret of all power, all success, all riches, is in first thinking powerful thoughts, successful thoughts, and thoughts of wealth, of supply. We must build them in our own mind first.

Robert Collier

The wonderful pleasure of success begins with a clear, concise intention. Are you deciding to think big or small? Are you deciding to exercise the power of persistence regardless of challenges, or have you decided to quit at the first hurdle? Have you decided to think, feel, and visualize your goal already in your possession, or have you decided to give allegiance to the evening news talk of shortages and give up?

Everything is a decision. Not deciding is a decision. A choice to act and believe in success until its manifestation is a decision. Similarly, justifying why you do not want to succeed is also a decision. It all comes back to the thoughts you choose to send to the Universe. The Universe does not differentiate big thinking from small thinking or clearly stated goals from ambiguous goals. The choice is yours and yours only. Think big and succeed in big ways.

Richard J. Levy,

A method of clarifying your desire is to ask yourself why you want the goal. This could be self-evident. If this is not the case, then think about your motivation behind the goal. Ask yourself how will it benefit your life and perhaps the lives of others. You will feel more enthusiasm for success, which generates stronger belief and confidence in the Universal Power. This self-perpetuating cycle generates strong feelings that connect to the Universal Power. Expect some very good results coming your way!

Richard J. Levy,

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