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The present moment is all there ever is to experience life directly. The power lies in the now, not in then or in later.

We can't dwell in the past or escape into the future; we have to concentrate on the present moment. It is in the present moment where we hold the power. Tomorrow is an illusion in the mind.

Emily Maroutian,

Is there an actual reality or is reality only what we interpret and see? Is there anything that exists outside of our filter, and can we ever know or experience it?

The mind creates much of the world around us and we forget or are not aware that it does, accepting everything we see and experience as fact.

Ultimately, the outside world exists inside ourselves. We have created it and it only exists because we do.

The outside world is internalized and the internal world is projected out. Outside blends into inside and inside flows out. If this relationship is in harmony and balance, there is peace.

The problem is that we try to change the out to match the in. When the only thing we can change is the in. We struggle, force and fight the outside world to fit into our internal world.

We can harmonize with the outside world through awareness of our judgments, prejudices and beliefs toward it.

Emily Maroutian,

The only reason there is a past is because we remember it. The only reason there is a future is because we create it in our minds. In reality, the only thing that exists is the present.

You are aware in the present, not in the past or the future. Most importantly, you are aware that you are aware. It is through this awareness that you gain insight, power and freedom. "I think, therefore I am" becomes "I am aware that I think, therefore I am.”

Awareness is the ultimate power. When you are aware, you are free to choose in this moment.

This is the only moment you can ever have and when you are aware of that, you are powerful.

Emily Maroutian,

Intuition comes from a greater source than we are ever aware of. When we are able to tap the energy of the universe we come away with a new reality which we have created for ourselves. We are able to accomplish anything we set our mind to. We are free to play our own game, in our own way, and in our own time. 

Gil Anderson,

The intellectual willful desire that imposes a responsibility to be successful is replaced with an ability to naturally respond.

This response ability allows for experiences that expand an awareness of what is possible. New visions of what we are capable of achieving sharpen a focal point of a spirit-filled capacity with a clarity of intent.

Gil Anderson,

There exists within each of us a magical capability that transcends rational sensibility. It comes from a part of our being that emerges at just the right moments when we need it the most. It is our intuition. It provides an insight that has been built on experience, without any judgment from intellectual interference. It frees a spirit-filled connection to a belief in what can be accomplished. The freedom of flow is released through our heartfelt feeling of what is the right way. 

Gil Anderson,

When we live in the future, we don't really live, we only hope to live. We want to live, but we never actually live because even when tomorrow becomes today our minds are still on tomorrow.

Emily Maroutian,

Just as there is no other time than now, there is no other place than here. Wherever you go, you are here. Even when you walk over there, it becomes here. You can never go "there." 

Emily Maroutian,

The subconscious senses what the conscious mind is focused on. It responds to where the emotions are the most powerful and then delivers what is necessary. With your conscious mind you place attention on what you want.

Gil Anderson,

We become empowered when we attach ourselves to heartfelt desire to accomplish what satisfies the soul.

This process has the power to manifest whatever the moment requires. The subconscious mind has no ability to reason. The conscious programs its requirement into the divine energy of the subconscious satisfaction.

Gil Anderson,

If we allow ourselves to believe that a situation is difficult our subconscious will not accept the possibility of a successful outcome. If, instead, we can attach ourselves to the joy and elation of possibilities to realize success, then the subconscious mind will allow for a successful outcome.

Gil Anderson,

Process must become automatic and somewhat routine. Belief and attitude will become habitual. Once the subconscious mind becomes accepting, then faith that we can and trust that we will carries out the necessities imposed by our conscious awareness. At this moment of connection we reach the flow zone of execution.

Gil Anderson,

By focusing on our heartfelt emotions we are able to discover a still space where we can connect to the power of gentle guidance of intuitive, emotional resolve. Intuition can now be built through the sense of that stillness where focus can be totally achieved. 

Gil Anderson,

We must not be distracted for a moment by reflections of past experience that we impose on the task. By breaking through these patterns and reactions we will become more response-able. By shifting from the head to the heart we become accepting, non-judgmental and begin to come into alignment with the truth in the consciousness that we seek. 

Gil Anderson,

We are all complete. There is no emptiness within us. As soon as space opens up, it is automatically filled. When you get rid of an old belief, a new one takes it place.  When you get rid of an old habit, a new one takes its place.

Since we are all filled inside, we can't add anything to what we already have. We must first make space by dumping out the old.

You already have thoughts, beliefs and feelings about everything. If I asked about "money," you can give me your thoughts, feelings and beliefs about money. Even if you don't currently have money. "I'm broke. I don't have any money." "It's hard making money." "It takes money to make money." All of these things contribute to who you're being.

Your money section is full. It will always be full. It's just a matter of what you fill it with. We believe that being isn't connected with money or relationships. We think that it's a matter of circumstance. "I just haven't found the right person." "I just don't have the right job or opportunities to make money."

If you are not willing to give up being a complainer, a pessimist or quick tempered you may miss those opportunities because you are too busy complaining, too busy judging people who might offer you opportunities, or pushing people and connections away.

Emily Maroutian,

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