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Our thoughts seem so insignificant but, in truth, they have created and continue to create our world and our individual lives. Try and find a single thing that has not been created by thought. The way we feel about other people and interact with other people comes from our own thoughts.

We can’t speak without thought. Any action we take, even to lift our arm or to stand up, comes from thought. Cars, planes, railways, buildings, cities, ships, technology, music, art and all things created by human beings not only began with thought but were created and materialized through thought.

We accomplish our work through thought, and live every moment of our day through our thoughts. If you really examine everything in the world, you will realize that it was thought that caused it and created it. And so then ask yourself, if human beings have built everything there is from thought, how can I say that thought is not powerful?

What distinguishes the people who are living the life of their dreams and those who are not? The ones who are living the life of their dreams thought they could do it, and those who are not, didn’t think they could do it.

Rhonda Byrne

Be thankful for what you have; you'll end up having more. If you concentrate on what you don't have, you will never, ever have enough.

Oprah Winfrey

You don't beg the soil to grow a plant. You simply put a seed in the ground and watch it grow. You don't plead with your coffee pot to make your morning coffee. You don't stand over it and say."Please, God, I've been really good and I need some caffeine."

No, you simply plug it in. You place a demand upon the law of electricity by plugging in your coffee pot. And you know with complete authority that within a few minutes you'll have coffee.

We simply must give up this notion that there is a reluctance by God to provide our good.

There is no reluctance on the part of the universe to give you absolutely everything good you can possibly imagine. But nothing can be given until it is claimed.

Pam Grout,

If I had only known
just how well I'd really do,
the journey would have mattered;
instead alas it's through.
And don't you really know it,
that in the end you'll say:
I'd trade this pot of gold
for another single day.

You're a success! You have succeeded. Give credit where credit is due. It's time to enjoy the view, to hear the music, to smell the flowers, to walk tall and love it all. You've earned it! And you deserve to coast.

Mike Dooley,

To want
to need,
to dream,
and to grow
reveals the secrets
you come here to know.

Our desires come first; they lead us forward. Then later, as we find ourselves in the thick of things, "needs" crop up. We need to survive because we want to live. But which is more important? Which is less honorable?

Desires are often thought of as selfish or frivolous, while needs are essential and natural. But consider their ordering, can needs be respected if desires are suppressed?

Both needs and desires are part of the curriculum here. And their gifts lie more in where they will take you rather than in their realization. Without either what would compel us to go forward, to achieve, to experience, and to be our totally unique selves?

Honor your passions as much as your needs -- whatever they are. Look to understand the rewards they promise and enjoy the ride they inspire.

Mike Dooley,

The mightiest works
start with the smallest steps.

Okay, okay, okay, so you really don't have to "do all you can, with what you've got, from where you are" to rock the world. Nope. You can just think it rocked and it will be rocked. The same is true for walking on water and manifesting gold coins from your blue jeans. You have the technology.

Oh. Still reading? Hmmmm, odd, I mean if you can manifest gold coins from your blue jeans...

Ah-ha. Other beliefs. I see. Invisible, limiting beliefs that you've been programmed with by a base, primitive society that says you're a weak, mortal, biological accident, lucky to have risen from the seas. Darn.

OK. How about this:

From here on out, you just do all that you can, with what you've got, from where you are. Then, the Universe gets to have all the fun, pouncing on every chance you get, seamlessly weaving miracle upon miracle together -- not so obviously that people might want to burn you -- playing and ricocheting off those pesky Neanderthal beliefs, and the next thing you know, you'll be past them. They'll evaporate since you will have trumped them with your manifestations, and you'll be back to doing things without doing things.

The more you do, the easier it is to navigate around limits you may not have even known were yours. And best of all, once we blow past them, they teeter over -- whether or not you ever became aware of them.

Mike Dooley,

Young souls look to secrets, rites, and rituals
Advanced souls look to science, math, and evidence
And old souls... old souls look within.

Anyhow, the one thing I know for sure is that with time, and by looking within, everything becomes clear, all questions are answered, what's broken is restored, new trails are blazed, hearts are mended, love returns, and you will look over your shoulder at life's utter perfection with a tear in your eye.

And best of all, time is one thing we souls have plenty of.

Mike Dooley,

"Where you are is never "who" you are.
You're always more.
Infinitely more.

Being spiritual means a good many things, but a good many people misunderstand most of them. So to clarify, here's how I see it and you: Being spiritual means seeing yourself as divine, not just of the divine -- a creator, not just the created. You needn't be saved, forgiven or fixed. You've already changed the world, added to its brilliance, and done enough. You're there because, in some long forgotten time, you already earned your wings.

Of course, there are still challenges. You wanted it this way; it's part of your nature and these challenges will serve to make you even greater. In spite of these, you are still a winner; you are among the relative few who have been so bold, and today is part of your victory lap.

Mike Dooley,

"If you want to make God laugh
tell Her your plans
for the rest of your life?"

Not likely.

On the other hand, "If you want to make God, the Universe, and all of the angels bust up into absolute hysterics, tell 'em how your dreams will come true."

God, or the Universe, wants for you what you want for you. Yet from where you now stand, there's no way you can possibly see all that She sees, or know all that She knows with regard to the infinite ways your dreams might come true the fastest.

Save yourself the trouble, the laughs, and from spinning your wheels, and simply never mess with the cursed HOWs.

Mike Dooley,

The deep blue sea
spoke to me;
it was holding back
a mystery.
A dolphin took me by the hand;
it wanted me to understand
that in this life
there's more to behold
than bags of money and pots of gold.
Believe in yourself
and you will see
how happy and free
you were meant to be.

And the totally crazy thing is that when you do believe in yourself, things, material things, maybe even bags of money and pots of gold, begin showing up in your life, almost inexplicably.

But actually it's all quite explicable.

You see, when you truly believe in yourself, you stop living in the past and your regrets and sorrows disappear. You stop worrying about the future and your doubts and fears fall away. You stop focusing on what you're not and begin seeing all that you already are.

Then, with your mind as calm as a glassy sea, you effortlessly think thoughts of gratitude for the present and for your dreams tomorrow. These thoughts will then do what all thoughts must do: strive to become the things and events of your life. But this time around, now that you believe in yourself, they'll have much less competition.

Mike Dooley,

do what you can
with what you've got,
from where you are.

However, and this is really tricky but super important, don't expect that your efforts alone are what will make your dreams come true. Don't hinge the manifestation of your goals to what you do, but instead, understand that by doing all you can, you inspire the Universe to do all it can.

It's like this: You do A, the Universe does B, and you arrive at C. This is how everything works. A alone, however, will never get you to C. But it's the only way to get to B.

Now beware! If you forget about B and think that everything rides on A, you'll sweat the details, criticize yourself for not doing more and for not being better, and eventually convince yourself that you don't have "the right stuff", effectively decommissioning, firing, the Universe. Conversely, those who tend to think that everything rides on B often forget about A and go nowhere, while proclaiming that the Universe is alive with Magic.

You must do all you can -- not with the idea that what you do must be clever enough, fast enough, or sufficient enough to bring your dreams to life, but because your every effort will set invisible waves into motion, which will then summon all the elements to do your will.

Mike Dooley,

Dream on and dream big;
they're all meant to be
Just imagine them done
and they're history.

Never, ever underestimate the power of your imagination! Your thoughts literally reach out from you to the farthest corners of the earth. They tap every living soul on the shoulder. They mingle with the "gods". And finally, they return to you as the material things and events of your life. They really do!

Are you lonely? Are you bored? Are you frightened? Are you embattled? Are you stressed? Are you ill? Are you living with less than abundance? There is no job that can't be tackled by thought.

Here's the trick: Focus your thinking on what you want, not on what you have. Think of where you're going, not of where you are. Then give thanks that it is already done and follow your impulses. It's that easy!

Thoughts, your thoughts, are what engage the invisible principles that operate all things in time and space -- principles that are absolute, inviolate, and unmovable; principles that every prophet or messiah who has ever graced the face of the earth has tried to tell us about; principles that do not pass judgment; principles that just deliver, as they have all your life.

What you think will make a difference, thank heavens!

Mike Dooley,

Be free, live now
Give hope, show how.
Share love, take care.
Stand tall, play fair.
Know right from wrong.
Be happy, live long.

Some very simple rules for a very simple game: the game of life. And whether you realize it or not, you're already a winner. You were born a winner.

No matter where you find yourself today, no matter how you may have tripped and stumbled in the past, you're still a winner. You've always done your best, and though you may now wish you had done a few things differently, at least your course has brought you to today. And the best thing about today is that now you're free to paint the present, and tomorrow, any color you like.

You're free to think the thoughts that will next become the things and events of your life. And you stand before the rest of your life with the greatest of allies: a loving, caring, invisible Universe that is now conspiring tirelessly in your favor; a living Universe that gets out of bed when you do, drives to work with you and now even site beside you.

If it is not already clear, it will be before long. The reason you are where you are today with the wisdom, love, and understandings that your life has instilled in you is so that you can fully enjoy and appreciate the splendors that are now being laid out before you.

You go!

Hey, did you realize that the Universe doesn't conspire on your behalf based upon need? That it doesn't conspire on your behalf once you're deserving? That it doesn't care what you did or didn't do in the past? That it doesn't care what you will or won't do today? And that it doesn't care if you ask, it doesn't care if you pray, it doesn't even care what you think?

Nothing can turn it off! It's always conspiring!

Which means right now, between these very words, it's there conspiring to carry you through today, this week, and eternity on clouds of silver, wings of gold and chariots of fire.

Mike Dooley,

Talk a little, sing a lot,
walk a little, dance a lot,
smile a little, laugh a lot,
dream a little, live a lot.

Living the life of your dreams isn't just about dreaming; it's also about living -- following your impulses, turning over every stone, and stepping out into the world so that the wind can catch your sails.

See, it's as if your dreams paint the picture and the Universe stands ready to bring it to life. You just have to go outside and move around in the proper directions so that the old picture and the new can be seamlessly fused together.

Every single door you open this week, every hand you shake, and every smile you flash will actually give the Universe another front, another chance, to slip into your life with its magic and wonders, to cut and paste, and fuse on.

Live a lot!

Mike Dooley,

When U

Do you have any idea who you really are? Do you have any idea of your affect on others? Do you know what it's like to be touched by you? To be held in your glance? To be smiled at by you? Do you even know what it's like to brush up alongside of you in the streets? To see you from a distance? Up close? Do you know what it is like to see you approaching? Do you know what it is like to watch you walk away? Do you know what it does for someone when they realize that you've been thinking of them?

No, you don't. Kind of sad. Your insights, beauty, strength, courage, and humility change lives everyday and you don't even know it. It's especially sad because those you touch think you do, so they might not remind you. Since you don't know it and since others may not tell you, let me.

You are light in the darkness -- a bringer of the dawn. Your touch heals, your gaze inspires, and your smile is like cool water to parched lips. The sight of you stirs one's spirit, and your departure is always too soon. Your profoundly unique journey has been one-of-a-kind, and it has yielded compassion and insights as rare as yourself -- gifts that sparkle like a diamond in the sun.

You are a pillar, an icon, and a champion to those who know you and to those who wish they did. Your effect on the world today, as you are, where you are, is awesome.

Shine your light because, while your significance may sometimes escape you, it changes others forever.

Mike Dooley,

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