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The manifestations we have at this moment are the reflections of previous emotional reference points. Our beliefs are rocks we throw into the water, and the rings made by the splash are the manifestations. Nothing is in the same place for more than a few seconds. You can give yourself positive affirmations all day long, but until your beliefs change you will not be manifesting what you truly desire.

Greg Kuhn,

Abundance of any kind is not a time-space event, after all. A time-space event is the name physicists give to any material object, because it has left the infinite possibilities of the quantum field and taken a concrete form. Abundance is not a material occurrence. It is not found in our physical manifestations. Abundance is a state of being. Your physical manifestations reflect your state of being, not vice versa. And every physical manifestation in your life today is merely the result of your previous states of being.

Greg Kuhn,

One of the most exciting things about doing this with self-worth, or any other desire, is that it always works, just as quantum physics tell us it will. It works because this is exactly how every single human being creates her physical world every second of every day. It matters not whether a human being believes this. That is still how she is creating her physical world every second of every day. So when you become a more powerful intentional creator of your life, as you are learning to do right now, you are not actually "learning" to do something new; you've been doing it all along, every second of your existence. All you're doing is learning to do it more intentionally and more aligned so you can exert greater influence.

Greg Kuhn,

All you have to do is get yourself in a place where you know you deserve more love and more reflected value from yourself. If you raise your beliefs and simply become those things you desire, you will be and have those things as naturally as rain falls from a pregnant cloud. And you'll soon be manifesting material experiences much more closely aligned to your desires than you may have previously dreamed.

Greg Kuhn,

When you allow your desires to manifest, even at the highest levels, you always receive a perhaps unexpected gift in addition to the desire itself: greater desires. Achieving or attaining a milestone only opens us up to still greater desire. And, of course, the good news is that all you need to do is continue to raise your beliefs to align with your new, greater, grander desires. The universe isn't a tease - no matter how much you align your beliefs with your current desires, you will always experience the awakening of still greater desires from their manifestation. And you will always have the tools in hand to continue to grow and align with your new, greater desires, because all you'll need to do is continue to use this process to align your beliefs with them.

Greg Kuhn,

1. The material world is created by you through your expectations for it.

2. Your expectations are created, unconsciously, by your beliefs.

3. Your beliefs are your most practiced, habitual thoughts. They are subjective and true for you, alone, because you have made them so.

4. You can change any belief you choose if you want to align a belief with a desire you have.

5. If you change a belief, the expectations it unconsciously creates will naturally change too.

6. Once your expectations change, your material reality will change in accordance. This is how our universe functions; you can depend on that.

Greg Kuhn,

Your expectations are derived unconsciously from your beliefs; what you believe will always dictate what you expect. Your expectations (which continually command the field of energy to manifest into physical reality) are created by what you believe.

Greg Kuhn,

Your reality merely reflects your beliefs and the expectations that arise from them. What you are seeing in your current reality is simply the result of your previous beliefs and expectations. You should never define your state of being (who you are) based upon the result of your previous beliefs and expectations (which is your current reality).

Your previous beliefs and expectations have no bearing on your future manifestations unless you let them.

Greg Kuhn,

Quantum physics is teaching us that we do have power over the people, places, and things in our lives. Our observations and expectations are what create them. And, using that power - the law of attraction - doesn't actually require you to do anything radically different, because you've always had that power to begin with. Now you can begin to use your power deliberately. You can learn to shape your reality like a potter molds clay on a clay wheel. First you can start thinking differently and then you will see changes in your everyday experiences.

Greg Kuhn,

Your underlying beliefs about things are much stronger than any positive thinking you perform, and those beliefs will ultimately continue to manifest themselves despite your veneer of positive thoughts. To play alchemist with the world, which is your birthright, you must first change your beliefs.

You desire more money, a loving relationship, a great job, a wonderful home, a fancy car, etc., right? Invest your time in changing your beliefs and you'll find yourself attracting those very things. In accordance with quantum physics, once your beliefs are aligned with your desires, you cannot fail to attract these things. And that is exactly how the law of attraction can work for you.

Greg Kuhn,

There is a difference between Wishing for a thing and being ready to receive it. No one is ready for a thing, until he believes he can acquire it. The state of mind must be belief, not mere hope or wish. Open-mindedness is essential for belief. Closed minds do not inspire faith, courage, and belief.

Remember, no more effort is required to aim high in life, to demand abundance and prosperity, than is required to accept misery and poverty.

Napoleon Hill

If you're focusing on what you do want instead of what you don't want, you're already half way to deliberately receiving the things you want. Because as you focus the majority of your attention on what you actually want, not only do you give more creative power to those things, but you are also lining up with them.

Melody Fletcher,

The key is to use those things that you don't like to help you to narrow down and identify the specifics of what you do like. There are many, many things in your environment; some will be absolutely perfect for you, and many will not. Every time you see something you don't like, focus on it BRIEFLY - just long enough to help you figure out what exactly it is about that thing you don't like and what you would like instead. Focus on it long enough to identify you don't want that.

Melody Fletcher,

Life doesn't have to be filled with the unwanted. Life isn't supposed to be such a struggle. Life isn't supposed to suck.

But our very attention to how much it sucks, our very focus on the unwanted, keeps lining us up with the unwanted. The more you notice what you don't want, the more of that you keep creating, lining up with and bringing into your reality.

Melody Fletcher,

Until you start paying attention, you may not be aware of these intuitive flashes. Once you begin to notice them, it's a bit like what happens after purchasing a new car: you start seeing that model everywhere. When you put yourself on alert to be aware of these stirrings, the same thing happens; the frequency of your intuitive insights increases. After that, once you begin using your intuition to make decisions, it takes no time at all to see serendipitous events begin to appear in your life. The serendipitous events are proof positive that you are hearing and following your intuition. This infinite intelligence doesn't make mistakes. By plugging into it and using these intuitive insights, your life flows. All the details come together seamlessly.

Angela Artemis,

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