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Let's intend to attract on multiple levels and build our belief through celebrating and recognizing everything we manifest. It's great to have "large" intentions, as long as we don't become fixated and emotionally attached to them. It is also great to have "small" intentions and to enjoy their attainment while strengthening our belief.

James Weaver,

Forgive yourself for the reality you allowed to manifest. If you're having problems, before you do anything... forgive yourself. You can't create a new dream if you are still focusing energy on the old one, and lamenting the past is feeding the struggle.

Boni Lonnsburry,

The Art of Allowing is really about paying attention to the way you feel--so that you are aware of this gap between you and You--and guiding yourself deliberately to less-resistant thoughts just by releasing the thought that is negative. You really don't even have to get on a really strong positive rampage--just stop talking about the things that are bothering you so much.

Abraham Hicks,

Your material reality is always and without fail a reflection of your beliefs, not a reflection of you. You are not your beliefs. Your beliefs are subjective and changeable. They are not who you really are.

Greg Kuhn,

Your knowledge about how our universe works and how you play the role of creator in it frees you to see everything as information. After all, since every "thing" is a reflection of your beliefs, every "thing" is valuable and useful information about your beliefs. When anything in your life is displeasing, you are being given important information about the nonalignment of your beliefs and desires.

Greg Kuhn,

Disappointment and fixation on one "large" unmanifested intention puts blinders on your eyes and you miss all of the "smaller" things you are attracting. It's these "small" things that lay the foundation of our faith in the law of attraction.

Nothing will help you build faith in the process of attracting or manifesting other than actually receiving. As you attract and receive things, your belief will grow and you will have more faith in the law of attraction. This will allow you to attract even "larger" things. 

James Weaver,

Life is a Divine mysterious impulse to be tasted and then released. Although everything in your life is destined to change, I wish that the sweetness of the celestial elixir you and I have shared will forever remain on your lips. I took on form to enter time. I entered time to partake in creation. Since my destination is no longer the earthly realms, I will now enter the great Void and travel beyond time.

Annie Kagan,

People usually don't experience grace unless it hits them over the head with some big miracle. They aren't in tune with the constant little miracles weaving in and out of their lives every day; miracles like breathing and seeing and hearing and walking and talking and thinking and being able to feel. That's why so many spiritual paths promote the concept of gratitude.

It helps you notice the grace in your life. I always found the act of saying "thank you" more useful than trying to be grateful. It's a lot easier to say a couple of words than to try and force yourself to feel something you may not be feeling. "Thank you" is a high message, possibly the most healing message of all. "Thank you" aligns you with the grace that comes from the Universe of soul.

Annie Kagan,

My life is an out-picturing of my habits-of-thought. I attract my own reality, and I ever have the ability to shift that reality by adjusting my thoughts. No matter what my present circumstances, I am able to become, do, and have anything I want through gradually changing my mental focus.

I knew all of this when I came forth into physical expression from non-physical energy. I joyfully came into human form for the adventure of experiencing desires, focusing on them, manifesting them, and thus getting to experience the results of my creation in a physical setting.

I knew fully well that I would encounter many things I liked and many things I didn’t like and would form strong desires and preferences for the things I liked.

I knew that by focusing my attention on what I liked, I could manifest that time and again in my experience.

I knew that by removing my attention from what I didn’t like and want, I would not rendezvous with those things. I knew the rules of the game, and I anticipated much fun. And now, as I re-learn these rules, life can become joyous.

Karen Money Williams,

The way to permanently improve any area of life is to adjust my habits of thought to include more of what I like and want and less of what I don’t like and don’t want. This includes health, relationships, career, finances, leisure time, opportunities to be of service, etc.

Most people focus much attention on both what they like and what they don’t like, and thus most people’s life experience is a "mixed-bag."

Karen Money Williams,

It can seem arduous to monitor my thoughts, but I have a built-in emotional guidance system that continually alerts me to whether I'm focusing on what I like or on what I dislike. My emotions result from my thoughts.

Feel-good emotions tell me that I’m focusing on the things that I like and want. Feel-bad emotions tell me that I’m focusing on life's "crap" and thus inviting more of it into my future.

Karen Money Williams,

Desires are good. In fact, they are essential -- they fuel all of existence. It is desires that put the eternal in eternity. When I have a new desire -- for health, friendships, material objects, whatever -- I actually pull life force into my body. It's impossible to live without desires. (Even to have no desires is a desire!)

Further, when I have a new desire, the Universe responds immediately by, in effect, sending the object of my desire toward me. It is then up to me to get into a sufficiently good-feeling place to bring the desire into physical manifestation. I do this by focusing on what I want, not the lack of it.

Karen Money Williams,

Through understanding and using Law of Attraction, I can increasingly find myself "in the right place at the right time," manifesting new opportunities, enjoying fulfilling relationships, feeling "in the flow," and thriving.

Karen Money Williams,

Everything that I think about, observe, ponder, remember, anticipate, etc., is registered in my vibration.

When I consistently focus on aspects of experience I dislike and want to avoid, my vibration, likewise, summons more of the same.

When I consistently focus on aspects of experience that I like and want, my vibration summons more of that same type of thing from an ever-responsive Universe.

Karen Money Williams,

Everything depends upon our attitude towards ourselves. That which we will not affirm as true of ourselves cannot develop in our life.

Neville Goddard

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