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When you realise that nothing, no external "thing" -- no person, no object, no substance, no circumstance, no revelation, no single experience -- ever has the power to make you permanently happy, you discover a deeper invitation: to realise that nothing, the no-thing that you are, is the source of true happiness, and that every experience holds the key. Nothing can make you happy, therefore happiness lies within, and that is a reason for great joy.

Jeff Foster,

Unlike atoms, these primary, universal building blocks of manifestation are minded, in the sense that the "stuff" they are made of is "mind stuff." As such, they are compliant to conscious intent like little soldiers of a highly disciplined toy army. These elemental thought patterns are like figments of the imagination of the Source. It is as though the Source thought in a language of abstract patterns and Its thoughts were one with reality. Therefore, reality may be the dream of the Source. We may be part of, and live in, that dream. Our consciousness and imagination, as salient segments of the unraveling consciousness and imagination of the Source, seem to be both subject and object of this process.

Bernardo Kastrup,

At any moment, there is a vast array of thoughts I can think. I am not compelled merely to contemplate the good, the bad, and the ugly things that may be going on around me. I can savor fun memories, I can ponder achieving a goal. I can chuckle over a joke, I can appreciate nature's radiance, and I can notice the competence and kindness of others.

When I think happy thoughts and feel good as a result, I summon more of that which I desire, more of that which is pleasant and rewarding. The reverse is also true: When I consistently focus on what and whom I don't like and what has gone haywire, I am beckoning more of the same.

Today I allow my thoughts to expand in a positive direction. I shrug off inadequacies, mistakes, and failures. I rejoice in newfound beauty, goodness, and perfection.

My thoughts are powerful. I attract that to which I give my mental focus. I make this a guiding principle, and I behold my life transform.

Karen Money Williams,

Any thought, sensation, feeling, image, memory, dream, vision, has always appeared right here, where I am, where you are, the only place we truly 'meet'. But we are not two, and so we cannot 'meet' -- we can only recognise our original intimacy prior to time and all ideas of 'meeting'. 

Jeff Foster,

Every thought that I think is a prayer for more of the same to manifest in my experience. It is through my thoughts and resulting feelings that I set in motion the events and circumstances of my life.

With this guiding principle in mind (pun intended), I pay attention to what I pay attention to. When I notice myself thinking about a situation or person that seems aggravating, frustrating, perplexing, even mildly irritating, I deliberately turn my attention elsewhere - to a neutral subject or, better yet, to something that brings me joy. If it is necessary for me to deal with an upsetting person or scenario, I make every effort to uncover aspects that are positive and pleasing before I proceed.

Through this process of shifting my attention to that which I like and that which I want, I begin to create unprecedented health and happiness. The concept is exceedingly simple. The practice, however, takes determination and discipline. I persevere, for every bit of effort pays huge dividends in terms of a transformed life.

Karen Money Williams,

Saying yes to this moment, exactly as it is, saying yes to yourself, exactly as you are, doesn’t mean giving up on the possibility of change. It doesn't mean that answers won't arrive, that sadness won't disappear, that pain won't ease, that intelligent action won't happen in the next scene. It means a total alignment with the present scene, which contains the intelligence of an entire universe. It means deep trust in this instant of life -- the only instant there is -- and letting go of promises, and ideas of how life 'should' be.

Jeff Foster,

It is in the coupling of the imagination -- the idea of something that could be -- with an emotion that gives life to a possibility that it becomes a reality. Manifestation begins with the willingness to make room in our beliefs for something that supposedly doesn't exist. We create that "something" through the force of consciousness and awareness.

Gregg Braden,

When I can respond to whatever comes my way with poise, acceptance, and even appreciation, my thoughts and emotions stay on an even keel. I am consistently happy, and through the Law of Attraction, I become a magnet for happy events and circumstances.

Karen Money Williams,

Prosperity in mind-boggling proportions is always available to me. I can, however, clog the channels of supply in several ways, including dwelling on my financial problems, resenting others' success, or believing that wealth is hard to come by and there’s not enough to go around. As I relinquish these modes of thought, I smooth out some kinks in my supply line and abundance begins to flow easily and naturally.

Karen Money Williams,

Whatever it is you may want, remember that you must get it first in Mind. See yourself with it there. See yourself receiving it. Make it as real as you can. Be thankful for it! Then set about manifesting that dream in the material world.

Do anything you can think of that will help to bring it about. Concentrate your thoughts upon it in every conceivable way. But never worry as to the outcome.

Robert Collier

Every thought we think goes forth, carrying with it force which affects others to a greater or less extent, depending upon the force behind our thought, and the mental attitude of the other persons.   Like attracts like in the world of thought - - we attract to ourselves thoughts in harmony with our own -- people in harmony with our thoughts -- , even things are influenced by thought in varying degrees.

William Walker Atkinson

To him that hath the feeling of wealth, more wealth shall be added; to him that hath the feeling of lack, more lack shall be added. Your subconscious multiplies and magnifies whatever you deposit in it. Every morning as you awaken deposit thoughts of prosperity, success, wealth, and peace. Dwell upon these concepts. Busy your mind with them as often as possible. These constructive thoughts will find their way as deposits in your subconscious mind, and bring forth abundance and prosperity.

Joseph Murphy

What you consciously affirm, you must not mentally deny a few moments later. This will neutralize the good you have affirmed.

When you place a seed in the ground, you do not dig it up. You let it take root and grow. 

Joseph Murphy

The so-called stream of consciousness is simply that -- one small stream of thoughts, images, and impressions -- that is part of a much deeper river of consciousness that represents your own far greater existence and experience. You spend all your time examining this one small stream, so that you become hypnotized by its flow, and entranced by its motion. Simultaneously these other streams of perception and consciousness go by without your notice, yet they are very much a part of you, and they represent quite valid aspects, events, actions, emotions with which you are also involved in other layers of reality.

You are as actively and vividly concerned in these realities as you are in the one in which your main attention is now focused. Now, as you are merely concerned with your physical body and physical self as a rule, you give your attention to the stream of consciousness that seems to deal with it. These other streams of consciousness, however, are connected with other self-forms that you do not perceive. The body, in other words, is simply one manifestation of what you are in one reality, but in these other realities you have other forms.


You are sent out by a superself who strongly desired existence in physical form. You are no puppet of this superself. You will follow your own lines of development and you add to the experience of the superself and also then extend the nature of its reality. You also insure your own development, and you are able to draw upon the abilities of the superself.

Nor will you ever be swallowed by the self that in these terms seems so superior. Because you exist, you send out like projections of your own. There is no end to the reality of consciousness, nor the means of its materialization. Nor is there any end to the developments possible for each identity.


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