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My thoughts and resulting emotions comprise a "signal" that ever goes forth from me. Through the Law of Attraction, that signal is matched and returned to me in the form of life's daily circumstances. Although it seems that events occur independently of me - sometimes blessing me, sometimes bombarding me - it is actually I who summon, through my signal, all the situations of my life. As I grasp this terrible but wonderful truth, dramatic transformation becomes possible.

One of the greatest gifts I can give myself is to notice my signal - how I’m thinking and feeling - and to choose thoughts that render my signal more positive. A signal of frustration, discouragement, resentment, etc., will simply bring new situations to evoke more of the same. A steadily happy signal, on the other hand, will bring my heart’s desires.

What is my signal right now? How can I adjust my thinking, what can I focus on, to make it more positive and upbeat? There is no project more rewarding than this one.

Karen Money Williams,

Because of our inner beliefs, we experience in our outer world the grand battle that’s playing out within the hearts and minds of every person alive -- the struggle that defines who we believe we are. In the presence of all the reasons not to trust, we're asked to find a way out of the prison that our fear locks us into. Each day, the experiences of life ask us to show ourselves how much we can trust … not simply to blindly trust for no reason, but to really feel the safety and security that are ours in the world.

Gregg Braden,

Because the Divine Matrix constantly reflects our beliefs, feelings, and emotions through the events of our lives, the everyday world provides insights about the deepest realms of our hidden selves. In our personal mirrors, we're shown our truest convictions, loves, and fears. The world is a powerful (and often literal) mirror, one that isn't always easy to face. With complete honesty, life gives us a direct window into the ultimate reality of our beliefs, and sometimes our reflections come to us in ways that we would never expect.

Gregg Braden,

Through our filters of perception, we do our best to fit our romances, friendships, finances, and health into the framework that past experiences have established. Although these boundaries may work, how well do they really serve us? How many times have we responded to life in a way that we learned from someone else, rather than based on what our own experiences have taught us? How often have we prevented ourselves from having greater abundance, deeper relationships, or more fulfilling jobs because an opportunity that crossed our path looked like a similar one from our past and we bolted in the opposite direction?

Gregg Braden,

Both ancient tradition and modern science suggest that what we see as the visible relationships of "life" are nothing more and nothing less than the reflection of things that are happening in another realm, a place that we can’t perceive from our vantage point in the universe.

Gregg Braden,

Our deepest beliefs become the blueprint for everything that we experience. From the peace in our world to the healing in our bodies, from all our relationships and romances to the careers we pursue, our conversation with the world is constant and never ending. Because it doesn't stop, it's impossible for us to ever be passive observers on the sidelines of life... if we're conscious, by definition, we're creating.

Gregg Braden,

The concept of the Divine Matrix as a universally connected hologram promises us that we’re limited only by our beliefs.

As the ancient spiritual traditions suggest, the invisible walls of our deepest beliefs can become our greatest prison. Yet they also remind us that it's our beliefs that can become our greatest source of freedom. As different as the world's wisdom traditions may be from one another, they all bring us to the same conclusion: The opportunity to be imprisoned or free is ours, and we’re the only ones who can make the choice.

Gregg Braden,

Through the holographic model of the brain interacting with the universe, the functioning of our brain allows for experiences that transcend time and space. Within the context of this holographic model, all things become possible.

The key to experiencing the power of these potential outcomes is that we must think of ourselves in this new way. And when we do, something wonderful begins to happen: We're changed.

It's impossible for us to "kind of" or "sort of" see ourselves as empowered beings in a universe of possibilities -- we either do or we don’t.

Gregg Braden,

We are part of a much greater system of many realities, within realities, within other realities. In this system, our world could be considered a shadow or a projection of events that are happening in a deeper, underlying reality. What we see as our universe is really us -- our individual and collective minds -- transforming the possibilities of the deeper realms into physical reality. This radically new way of viewing ourselves and the universe gives nothing less than direct access to every possibility that we could ever wish (or pray) for, dream, or imagine.

Gregg Braden,

I cannot bring into my experience that which I desire while I remain focused on the fact I don’t have it. Those two states of mind are fundamentally opposed. They place me at cross-purposes with myself.

Source energy responds to my thoughts and resulting feelings as if everything is a request. When I am thinking of my desire, it is immediately on the way to me. But when I think about how my desire is not here, perhaps with resulting frustration and discontent, it is as if I am asking for more of the same. I put the brakes on, and that which I yearn for is stopped in its tracks.

A secret to manifesting what I want is to savor my desire from time-to-time while living in peace and appreciation until it arrives.


Karen Money Williams,

In order to bring into my life that which I most desire - that which would bring me much happiness - I must be fairly consistently happy already. This great paradoxical principle is the missing puzzle piece in creating the experiences for which I long. There is a universal match game going on behind all creation, and I can draw to myself that which I want only when I am in a fairly regular state of contentment and "all's well with the world."

I can visualize, I can "treasure map," I can pray until I'm blue in the face for what I want. But it will not be able to come into my experience until I begin to clear up dissatisfaction, disappointment, heartache, frustration, or antagonism that exists in various areas of my thinking. Until I start to see things differently in those pockets of pain, my dreams and desires will be slow in coming.

Today I notice my thinking habits and where adjustments can be made. This may not be easy work. It may not be work that other people understand and participate in themselves. But this process will take me exactly, exactly, exactly where I want to go.

Karen Money Williams,

Dissatisfaction with any area of life will keep me mired in the very conditions that I wish to transcend. Conversely, appreciation of what is occurring now, coupled with a happy desire for something more, will usher in my dreams.

Today I set forth to feel fine about what happens, while holding the vision of what I want to happen. As I love life, life will passionately, exuberantly love me back.

Karen Money Williams,

All of your present beliefs, fears and limitations are weights that bind you to your present level of consciousness. If you would transcend this level you must leave behind all that is now your present self, or conception of yourself. To do this you take your attention away from all that is now your problem or limitation and dwell upon just being. That is; you say silently but feeling to yourself, "I AM."

Do not condition this 'awareness' as yet. Just declare yourself to be, and continue to do so, until you are lost in the feeling of just being -- faceless and formless. When this expansion of consciousness is attained, then, within this formless deep of yourself give form to the new conception by FEELING yourself to be THAT which you desire to be. 

You will find within this deep of yourself all things to be divinely possible. Everything in the world which you can conceive of being, is to you, within this present formless awareness, a most natural attainment.

Neville Goddard

Love and fear are the mainspring of our mental machinery. Everything is a thought before it becomes a thing. I suggest the pursuit of a high ideal to make a fact of being become a fact of consciousness and to do this by training the imagination to realize that the only atmosphere in which we truly live and move and have our being is Infinite Love. God is Love. Love never faileth. Infinite Creative Spirit is Love.

Neville Goddard

Unless you leave behind you your present conception of yourself and assume the nature of the new birth, you will continue to out-picture your present limitations. 

The only way to change your expressions of life is to change your consciousness. For consciousness is the reality that eternally solidifies itself in the things round about you. Man's world in its every detail is his consciousness out-pictured. You can no more change your environment, or world, by destroying things than you can your reflection by destroying the mirror.

Your environment, and all within it, reflects that which you are in consciousness. As long as you continue to be that in consciousness so long will you continue to out-picture it in your world.

Neville Goddard

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