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Remember this: the Universal Mind is omnipotent. And since the subconscious mind is part of the Universal Mind, there is no limit to the things, which it can do when it is given the power to act. Given any desire that is in harmony with the Universal Mind and you have but to hold that desire in your thought to attract from the invisible domain the things you need to satisfy it.   For mind does its building solely by the power of thought. Its creations take form according to its thought. Its first requisite is a mental image, and your desire held with unswerving purpose will form that mental image.

Robert Collier

As I learn to manage my reactions to life, I become master of my destiny.

But as long as I feel good when life seems good and I feel bad when life seems bad, I can hang a "Home Sweet Home" sign on a varied - pleasant and unpleasant - experience. Because life reacts to my reactions!

Life is always responding and re-configuring itself according to how I think. When I'm predominantly negative for a while, I elicit events not to my liking. When I'm mainly positive, I evoke circumstances that I desire.

As I practice staying upbeat, trusting, serene, accepting, and grateful, no matter what, I usher in the good for which I yearn: abundance, love, appreciation, and health. When, on the other hand, I allow my focus and emotions to flop all over the place, I summon circumstances that will likewise be a mixed bag.

No matter what occurs today, I try to choose peace. I try to choose optimism. I try to choose joy. I thus choose miraculous transformation and a life beyond previous imagining.

Karen Money Williams,

Define your goals with clarity. The clearer you are, the faster the goals' manifestation.

The more time spent focusing on the sensations (feelings and images) of already having achieved your desire, the more rapidly your positive thoughts snowball into your consciousness. The Energy of the Universe is now efficiently moving in your favor to attain your goal.

Deciding about outcomes tells the Universe exactly what you want. The key is to ask and be clear in your request.

Richard J. Levy,

The secret to abundance is feeling abundance.The more thoughts and images of abundance you put into your subconscious mind, and the more passionate your feelings of prosperity are, the more the Universe will automatically bring you prosperity in all ways. It all starts with the realization your Thoughts Make You Wealthy.

Richard J. Levy,

This world, this reality, is very beguiling and enchanting. From a law of attraction point of view, the world (what we perceive) often doesn't match up with what we intend. In these circumstances we have to accept what is, but at the same time KNOW what will be. This is the faith associated with the law of attraction. It is the overcoming of one concerning ignorance.

However, beyond the scope of the mechanics of the law of attraction, there still can remain an ignorance of the true reality of things.  The true reality is that this world is temporary, impermanent, and without substance. However we are merely a passersby. We shouldn’t be getting caught up in the enchantment of the world.

James Weaver,

Presence is extremely important in the law of attraction. Presence is the quickest way to get to a place of detachment and letting go. When you practice being in the present moment, you drop all of your worries, your concerns, your needs, your wants, and your attachments. All of these things are in the future and the past. When you are present, you just exist, and you open yourself up to receive.

To be present is to LET GO. Letting go is required to attract what you desire.

James Weaver,

It is not up to you to figure it out. Don’t limit the Universe into only one way of delivering you what you desire. Cast widely by taking opportunities for action when they present themselves. This leaves the door open for the Universe to provide in the manner in which it can provide what you desire.

The fact of the matter is that if you could have figured out how to get what you want, you would have already gotten it. So, let go of the need to figure things out, and trust that some your action will fall on good ground and be fruitful.

James Weaver,

Act as though you have already been successful. As a person thinks, so shall they be. We have to banish doubt from our lives, because thoughts become things in our existence. This may take time and practice, and like with everything else, you won’t be perfect. However, any change, however slight, is a positive movement and creates momentum. All that is required is that you try. Consciously try to view things in a different and positive way.

James Weaver,

The reason most of us fail to realize our desires is because we are constantly conditioning them. Do not condition your desire. Just accept it as it comes to you. Give thanks for it to the point that you are grateful for having already received it  -- then go about your way in peace.

Such acceptance of your desire is like dropping seed -- fertile seed -- into prepared soil. For when you can drop the thing desired in consciousness, confident that it shall appear, you have done all that is expected to you. But, to be worried or concerned about the HOW of your desire maturing is to hold these fertile seeds in a mental grasp, and, therefore, never to have dropped them in the soil of confidence.

Neville Goddard

Just as a branch has no life except it be rooted in the vine, so likewise things have no life except you be conscious of them. Just as a branch withers and dies if the sap of the vine ceases to flow towards it, so do things in your world pass away if you take your attention from them, because your attention is as the sap of life that keeps alive and sustains the things of your world.

To dissolve a problem that now seems so real to you all that you do is remove your attention from it. In spite of its seeming reality, turn from it in consciousness. Become indifferent and begin to feel yourself to be that which would be the solution of the problem.

Neville Goddard

The door is your consciousness. To open the door is to become one with that that which is knocking by FEELING oneself to be the thing desired. To feel one’s desire as impossible is to shut the door or deny this urge expression. To rise in consciousness to the naturalness of the thing felt is to swing wide the door and invite this one into embodiment.

Neville Goddard

Stop asking yourself whether you are worthy or unworthy to receive that which you desire. You, as man, did not create the desire. Your desires are ever fashioned within you because of what you now claim yourself to be.

When a man is hungry, (without thinking) he automatically desires food. When imprisoned, he automatically desires freedom and so forth. Your desires contain within themselves the plan of self-expression.

So leave all judgments out of the picture and rise in consciousness to the level of your desire and make yourself one with it by claiming it to be so now.

Neville Goddard

The need to figure things out comes from a place of LACK. It comes from a place of NEEDINESS. Both of these states -- lack and neediness -- are barriers to the manifestation of your intentions. Lack attracts more lack, since the lack of your desired intention becomes the focus of your attention. Neediness repels your attractive powers because your desperation attracts more of the same.

In short: the folly of trying to figure out how to manifest something is just as foolish as sitting on your hands and taking no action. Both ways will block the Universe from manifesting your intentions. You don't know how the Universe is going to give you what you want, and you shouldn't worry about it. Your job is trust that you will be provided for, and to take action freely, widely, and without attachment to the result.

James Weaver,

It is just as easy to manifest wealth as it is to manifest poverty. It is just as easy to attract a loving relationship as it is to attract a turbulent one. It is just as easy to experience radiant good health as it is to live with all sorts of ailments. It is just as easy to magnetize a relaxed, leisurely schedule as it is to be perpetually stressed and harried over not-enough-time.

The process by which I create either a miserable existence or a miraculous existence never changes - it is through my mental focus. If I consistently give attention to what is wrong, unjust, lacking, bad, stupid, and annoying, I create a life that is riddled with those kinds of things. Likewise, if I regularly focus on that which is pleasing, enjoyable, fulfilling, and wondrous, I dramatically pull those very sorts of things into my experience.

The drill is always the same: That which I dwell on expands. That from which I remove my attention shrinks. My outer world is the perfect, precise result of this inner focus, and I can use this principle to transform every aspect of life.

Karen Money Williams,

My emotions comprise an intricate, finely-tuned feedback system that informs me of my recent mental focus. Negative thoughts create painful, negative emotions such as fear, insecurity, frustration, resentment, and self-pity. Positive thoughts create enjoyable feelings such as love, joy, peace, hope, and contentment.

As I learn to pay attention to how I feel, I can adjust my thoughts accordingly. As my thoughts become increasingly happy, I will feel increasingly happy, and my desires will begin to flow to me with astonishing ease as a result of a great law that orchestrates events: Like attracts like.

Karen Money Williams,

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