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Over years of seeking inspiration and guidance I have compiled a list of books that have helped me gain a better understanding of the Law of Attraction and how to create your reality with your thoughts. You will find them available for purchase below through Amazon.

For more information, including customer reviews and ratings simply select the book cover you would like to view. Happy Reading!

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Wayne Evans

By day, he runs a range of businesses, but his heart's desire is helping other people achieve theirs.

His goal is growing financially independent, which will allow him to spend more time doing the things he really want to do... i.e. spend even more time with his children, who are his greatest motivators of all!

How to use the Law of Attraction:
The Missing Link in The Law of Attraction - Wayne Evans

The Law of Attraction is certainly a complicated puzzle. There are so many things to remember, you can easily overlook a simple thing, like I did. Despite manifesting, nothing significant happened...
Then I stumbled upon a 'missing link' that instantly 'clicked' the Law of Attraction process and the result was immediate...

The Secret Missing Links of The Law of Attraction:
The habits that keep you poor and a step by step guide to conquer them and get the life you rightly deserve? - Wayne Evans

This book is a quick overview of The Law of Attraction and very quickly tackles some common misnomers, which will keep you poor. The main part of the book reveals my secret missing link and furthermore, lists 11 dramatic ways to improve your changes of getting what you actually want in life.

The Law of Attraction Countdown Calendar:
14 days of targeted actions to get exactly what you want in life - Wayne Evans

If you are interested in getting a better life using the Law of Attraction, but... are unsure how to, then this neat little eBook will enlighten you in just 14 days.
Targeted actions through daily activities, ensure that you leapfrog the entire process. Each day contains a specifically designed activity, conceived to heighten your vibration that day.