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Over years of seeking inspiration and guidance I have compiled a list of books that have helped me gain a better understanding of the Law of Attraction and how to create your reality with your thoughts. You will find them available for purchase below through Amazon.

For more information, including customer reviews and ratings simply select the book cover you would like to view. Happy Reading!

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Alex Daniels

Alex Daniel is a construct of spiritual experience presenting as an individualised human being and has been part of the world since 1980.

He is certified as a Law of Attraction practitioner, a Reiki Master and a Life Coach, with a university background in Sociology and Global Politics (BSsc).

Ten Quantum Tools to Change Your World in an Instant:
Featuring the Law of Attraction, Magnetic Money Magic and Other Cool Tricks You Need to Know - Alex Daniels

Did you know that the core secret is to feel good, most of the time? The rare techniques revealed here are what you've been waiting for. This book can permanently enhance your vibrational state, making the impossible probable.

Ten Quantum Jumps to a Higher Dimension:
How to Live the Law of Attraction - Alex Daniels

Going deeper and far beyond its predecessor, Ten Quantum Tools to Change Your World in an Instant, personal transformation has reached a whole new level. This book is the instant connection you've been searching for.