Why You Should Fire Your Emotions Today

Greg Kuhn

Most of us have made an almost fatal error in trying to unleash the law of attraction in our lives. I've made it too; you're not alone if you've done this. We've given our emotions the wrong job.

Would you hire a skilled bricklayer and assign her the job of writing computer code? Or course not. And, even if you did, could you blame her for not being very effective at creating great computer programs? Nope – even if she tried her best. It would actually be you who was responsible for your ineffective computer programs, because you assigned their creation to someone who was not qualified.

Yet this is what so many of us have done with our emotions.

We have assigned our emotions the job of manifesting our desires. We have also made them responsible for the absence of our desires.

Don't believe me? Stop and reflect on how many times you have consciously chased a desirable emotional state because you wished to manifest something you desire. And, alternatively, how many times have you actively denied, or even run away from, an undesirable emotional state for the same reason.

We have used our emotions as if they are the cause or our pleasing manifestations or the culprit responsible for their absence.

Using our emotions in this way is the same thing as trying to resolve a fever by focusing on the thermometer that alerted you to it. I'm sure you have taken your temperature to see if you have a fever. Then, upon seeing that you do, have you ever sought to cure your fever by placing the thermometer in a bucket of ice? And, when you pulled the now icy thermometer from the ice, did you look at the now lowered mercury reading and proclaim, "My fever is gone!"

Of course not. You know that the thermometer is not the cause of your fever. It is merely the messenger for it. The thermometer is merely alerting you to the fact that you have a fever; it is simply useful and helpful information.

Your emotions play the same exact role for you. In fact, we can accurately call our emotions our built-in "belief thermometer." Our emotions are picture-perfect, unerring accurate feedback about whether or not our beliefs are aligned with our desires. And the intensity of our emotions is the mercury in that thermometer.

So fire your emotions from the job of manifesting your desires. And from the job of keeping your desires at bay. They were never intended to hold that job and are more than ill-equipped to perform it. Instead, reassign them to their proper role – one they can fulfill with absolute perfection.

Allow your emotions to become information. Don't chase away the undesirable ones. And don't chase after the desired. Instead, pay attention to them and allow them to alert you to the one true area where you can have the greatest unfettered influence over intentionally manifesting more pleasing life experiences: aligning your beliefs with your desires.

Best-selling author, Greg Kuhn, had been writing for his father, Dr. Clifford Kuhn, M.D., for years before publishing his Why Quantum Physicists... book series. People now call Greg the "Law of Attraction Science Guy" for his ability to help people finally manifest the "big stuff."

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