Who's Keeping Score?

David TFTU

Let's play a little game shall we?  It's really quite simple.  You are playing against yourself -- kind of like solitaire.  You set a time limit of say 3 hours to begin with as that represents a morning at work for example. 

Each time you react to something in your day-to-day life negatively you get a minus 1 and each time you are able to react neutrally give yourself a plus 1 and reward yourself with 2 points if you find the positive and continue on smoothly and cheerfully. 

Notice that the score keeping should be in your favour since you are rewarding yourself with neutrality - yes the tie goes to the winner - you! 

You could keep score with pen and paper, in your journal/diary if you keep one or if you prefer digital use your favourite app or program.   At the end of the period tally up your final score and mark it down.  

Perhaps something like this:
Game #    Period     Score
      1          3 hrs           - 2
      2          3 hrs           - 4
      3          7 hrs           - 5
      4          7 hrs           +1
The level of detail is up to you.  Keeping score is simply a means to get you to focus and pay attention to your thoughts and how they can wander off the happy path and by noticing when things happen and trigger negativity you can play the game and earn positive points.  Give it a shot for a few hours each day then perhaps longer periods like a full working day - whatever works  best for you.   Let me know how it goes -- send me an email or if you're brave and want to share you can simply write comments to this article.  I look forward to hearing from you! 

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