Weh! Where's my Stuff?

Debbianne DeRose

Give a hoot don't pollute your vibration

If that thing or person or situation you've been pining for seems to be taking its sweet time manifesting into your physical reality, look to your overall vibration. You might be 100% on board with your vision board, while remaining saturated in fear, doubt or anger--perhaps in another facet of your life--without even realizing it. Tempting as it is to compartmentalize things like career, health, and relationships, the universe doesn’t look the other way if negative vibes are "off-topic." That said, this is an uplifting blog, not some gloom-n-doom blamefest, so stick with me, people!

The default All-That-Is game plan is one of pure possibility. Life, god, your grandmother, your Higher Self, your pixie-faerie pals and I all want you to be happy and get what you want. Indeed, everything exists, and anything you feel passionate and excited about most definitely is trying to manifest into your life. But our challenging human experience causes us to adopt limiting beliefs that whittle away at the options--or so it seems.

Things take time to physically manifest, it's true--due to the denseness of our time-space reality--and that's part of what makes the Earth Game so challenging and what makes you a spiritual badass for coming here to play it. But things shouldn't take an extra super-duper long time to materialize.

Assuming the thing you ordered from the Universal catalog is truly what you desire for your highest good, and also assuming the wait is not due to some unknowable criteria of Divine Timing (which hindsight will reveal), it is your personal Resistance that keeps postponing delivery day. Resistance is a counterproductive vibration-emanation--static in your signals to the universe. The low-hanging fruit of it is conscious thought and spoken word: complaining that your stuff hasn't arrived yet, focusing on all the stuff you don't prefer--you know, stuff like that. Reconditioning conscious thought toward the positive and the preferred is certainly necessary, but not always sufficient to shift the manifesting into high gear. There comes a time when a gal wants to have a look under the hood.

From Belief to Relief

C'mon Get Happy!

Okay, so what if you're down with the Unlimited Abundance dealio and you genuinely wanna Get Happy... but heavy Doubt, Worry, Sadness, Anger, Regret or Resentment keep creeping back in to your psyche? You try to stay positive and reduce your Resistance, but you keep getting hijacked to NegativeLand. WTF? Who's driving this bus, anyway?

Well, as perverse as this might sound, that's actually good news. We live in an Era of Transformation, my friend, and those heavies are caused by false beliefs you've collected over the years--about yourself and the world around you. They’re emerging now so you can turn on the overhead lighting and perform a Beliefectomy! Now here's the crux... are you paying attention?

Once you consciously acknowledge why a Belief has served you up until now (hell, why not even thank it for services rendered?), then you become free to make the conscious choice to liberate it and believe something else. And when that happens, you'll feel different. It's not an intellectual thing--it's an energetic shifting.

For example, let's say you've got money troubles, and through applying a belief inspection technique, you discover you've been carrying around the belief that "rich people are bad." So, naturally, you were keeping yourself poor. What a helpful belief! I mean, who wants to be "bad," especially in the eyes of your parents who probably influenced you to cultivate the belief to begin with? Since you see it and "get it" at a deep feeling level, you can let it go and choose something that serves you now, as a grown-up.

False beliefs, once exposed for the frauds they are, are usually ridiculously simple... and illogical. That is, they're not in sync with our conscious thoughts. You might be surprised to find that you're programmed with "I'm not worthy" when you know damn well that you're worthy--and how! Your reasoning mind will try to use this paradox as an excuse to weasel out of doing the belief work. Don't let it deter you.

So how exactly do you go about excavating those false beliefs? For starters, the practice of asking questions--and allowing your Higher Mind to answer them--is highly underrated. Plus there are plenty of digging and sleuthing tools out there. I've included a few of my favorite shovels and trowels in the MANifesting Guide and Workbook and I'm about to describe for you an extraordinary one called the 3-Day Anger Letter, which I gleaned from the lovely and brilliant Auriela McCarthy. The idea is this: by fully allowing and feeling, over a short period of time, your previously-buried anger and resentment, you will be automatically deposited in a place of newfound peace.

And it really works. After my man and I used Auriela's technique, we've experienced major personal belief-system breakthroughs. I'm still marveling at the positive ripples that continue to propagate, as a matter of fact. We're talking big stuff like unprecedented levels of bliss and harmony in our relationships (with each other and with other people), increased financial prosperity, alleviation of some long-standing bodily health issues. Some of it came right away; some is slow-cook transformation because the emotional cleansing has made room for more and better guidance to show up (after all, nature abhors a vacuum). The most striking result was an estranged and previously hard-to-forgive family member suddenly showing up from halfway around the world and making amends in my man's family. Miracles never cease! Do check out Auriela's award-winning book, the Power of the Possible, for many more inspiring tales of release and forgiveness.

Whatever method you choose, it really helps to have some sort of structured approach, otherwise it's too easy to get sucked in to the old cycle. It's important to be clear that you are diving in for the purpose of healing. You may be re-visiting the Past, but this time you are going in with a purpose... and a dual consciousness: part experiencer, part observer.

Human Spin Cycle

Often we avoid feeling our "yucky" emotions because we're scared of them... and because we've been culturally trained to not go there. To further compound our confusion, many metaphysical teachings (such as Abraham-Hicks) seem to imply that one should continually shift to better-feeling places. Which is usually a great idea. However, there are times when the most therapeutic and life-changing thing you can do for yourself is to actually allow the negative emotion to bubble up, pour forth and run its course, leading you to big-time revelations and true release... and pleasing manifestations.

I'm not saying that metaphysical teachers advise stuffing down painful emotions. It's just that, as students of the Law of Attraction, it's easy for us to become paranoid and banish any negative utterance, for fear that it may manifest. Ironically, our fear of dealing with our "stuff" can stave off the very manifestations we desire. At any rate, it's entirely personal: only you can know if a deep cleaning is in order. If your pool of emotions has become a proper stinkin' cesspool, then skimming the surface waters just ain't gonna cut it; you've got to drain that sucker!

As awkward and distasteful as belief-exposing may feel initially, if you're willing to look your emotional "stuff" in the eye, you will reap the rewards. If, on the other hand, you don't deal with it squarely, it can continue to rule you unconsciously. The last thing you want to do is rationalize it away ("Oh, that's dumb. I couldn't possibly believe that...") or sweep things back under the rug because you're afraid of what you might find. Be brave, li'l camper, be brave!

Now I know right now you might be thinking "I don't have any anger issues" but I urge you to give it a try anyway. Anger is a biggie among the scary bottled-up variety of emotions. It's often hiding underneath other more socially-palatable guises. And when you dare to let it out of its pen and run free, it eventually runs away, leaving you in a much better state. Besides, you can just begin with whatever's obvious—fear, for instance--and allow it to morph into whatever emotional territory it will. It's all interconnected, just like the various facets of your life (health, career, self-expression, prosperity, relationships). Emotions don't necessarily behave themselves and stay in neat little boxes as our logical minds would prefer.

I'll put it to you this way: if you aren't getting the manifestations you've long desired, your reasoning mind may be busy applying a smiley face veneer and telling you to shut up and just be thankful for what you've got... but I'll bet there's a part of you who's flat-out resentful. And if you're anything short of an instinctive applauder of other people's successes, then I guarantee you're harboring resentment. Resentment, according to Auriela and many others, consists of layers of Hurt laced with Anger. Mmmmm, sounds like a Malcontent Lasagna. Care to change the menu?

Get Happy: Embrace Anger

The 3-day Anger Letter technique goes like this:

Day 1: Write a letter--one that will never be mailed--to another person or to Life in general, including all that you're angry about. Leave no stone unturned. Here is the crucial instruction: DO NOT censor nor judge yourself. DO NOT edit as you write. Your reasoning mind will try to block the process by telling you that you're not a victim and therefore you have no business feeling victimized. Irrelevant! Overruled! Allow the stream of consciousness--including and especially the so-called ugly parts--to flow out of you and onto the paper. DO NOT intellectualize this task: you are not writing a report to the President on the State of Your Emotions! Think of the paper as more like a tissue when you blow your nose. Allow yourself to feel intensely any and all feelings; DO NOT hold back. Let 'er rip. When you feel complete and have cried all the tears you're going to cry for now, fold up the letter and store it where no one else will find it.

Day 2: Retrieve the letter and add to it, underline and circle stuff, whatever--get it all out. Again, feel all the feelings. Let it flow out of you unfettered, uncensored, unjudged. When you feel complete, put it away again.

Day 3: Re-read the letter, then burn it! And bury the ashes. You'll feel a noticeable absence of emotional charge. You don't need to force it... just allow it. As Auriela says, forgiveness is not something we do; it is something we receive, and it is, in effect, our rain dance for freedom.

Somewhere in there, you will receive the game-changing insights you need. They will probably come to you organically if you stay open and allowing, but you can lube the "aha!" mechanism by posing questions such as: "Why did I allow this pattern in my life?"

Just don't strive to calculate the answers with your reasoning mind. Endeavor, instead, to receive the lowdown from your Higher Mind. Don't bum rush the process or overthink it, either... just ALLOW. Remember, uncomfortable feelings are just that--they feel uncomfortable, but they won't kill you. (Where I come from in NJ, whatever doesn't kill you makes you stronger.) If you dare to believe that the Universe conspires for your happiness, then you'll also be able to grasp that the darkest experiences are carefully crafted to motivate you in locating the light switch.

Belief Elevator

I've designed a two-week program that brings you safely but thoroughly through 14 levels of emotion, beginning with Hopelessness and raising you up to Joyfulness. Anger is part of it, but it covers a whole lot more. Your chaperoned journey through tricky emotional waters and thought-terrain brings lasting stability to your vibrational point of attraction. Once you face and understand the unexamined beliefs and emotional undercurrents that have been with you all along, you can bid them adieu. Get consistently happy; manifest effortlessly! The program is ridiculously inexpensive because I want to help as many people as possible to step up and claim their long-held-off abundance and bliss.

Get the lift you need... step into The Belief Elevator!

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