Video Gaming for Fun and Profit

Karen Money Williams

Think about a video game in which your goal is to keep your little human-like figure (avatar) inside a fairly small yellow circle in the middle of the screen.

Outside the yellow circle is a large grey zone that offers no rewards to the little figure when it enters there. The yellow circle, on the other hand, causes the avatar to rack up points every second that it stays there. And that’s how you do well at this game: keep the little character in the yellow zone as long as possible.

How do you keep your avatar in the yellow zone? With your emotions -- by feeling emotionally good.

How do you feel emotionally good? By directing your mental focus, moment-by-moment, to aspects of life that are pleasing to you.

How do you feel emotionally bad and get bumped out of the yellow circle into the grey zone? By focusing on what you don’t like and don’t want.

Simple concept. Simple game. It may take lots of practice to keep the little guy in his happy zone for long, but what a fun challenge! And the rewards are far more than points on the screen.

The rewards are a better and better and better life.

Hit start button. Play game now.

This is from Karen's future e-book, Soulsongs Volume 5: Exploring the Law of Attraction.

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