Nothing Really Happens to You

David TFTU

When you recognize that you are the creator and that nothing happens to you without you subconsciously setting things in motion for their manifestation through your beliefs and emotions, then nothing really should ever catch you by surprise.

The other night I decided to browse a popular job site and peruse a number of job opportunities in my area of expertise. Seeing quite a few that caught my attention, I decided to use their online CV/resume creator.  I played around with it for a little while, tweaked it to my satisfaction and saved it but did not activate it for public viewing.  I browsed around some more finding additional opportunities and decided "Oh what the heck - let's activate my CV!".

The next morning my inbox was flashing and there were three emails from prospective head hunters that wanted to add my resume to their files and to ask my permission for shopping my resume around.  I wrote each of them in turn and agreed. The rest of the morning passed by rather quickly and around noon I received a text message from the owner of the company I work for asking me to call him.  So I did.

Well guess what? The call was to inform me that they regrettably have to let me go. They will keep me on until the end of next month.  Luckily this was a phone call and my boss could not see the big smile on my face!  I was barely containing the joy I was feeling because i immediate recognized the manifestation I had set in motion!. It really does confirm that I am ready for change and have embraced it eagerly and with joy!

I created this!

It did not happen to me. :)

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