Manifesting More Than Just Enough

David TFTU

Over the years I have received payments, refunds or simply found money in pockets and never thought of those as manifestations because they just seemed to happen and I would just put the money in the bill paying account and not pay much attention to them.

Rekindling / reawakening my awareness that the Law of Attraction really works has made me realize that I have been manifesting more than those gifts!

In the past 6 months I have noticed a remarkable pattern to these ‘found money’ events — they always were followed by an unexpected expense as well! As an example, I received $300 from a long overdue web contract and another $120 from someone buying some over stock. So in that week, I had an extra $420. The week following, I had to have my roof repaired and that bill came to $450. so rather than being out of pocket $450, it really only cost me $30. Almost enough :)

I have always been thankful for the surprise amounts but I’ve somehow managed to manifest an unexpected bill to accompany those gifts!

So obviously I have some more work to do! Like changing my long held underlying belief that we’ll always get by (and we have) — We have to believe in abundance and that having more is OK, in fact it is wonderful!

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