Letting Go of Those Bad Thoughts

David TFTU

In one of the LOA books I recently read, there was a section that discussed letting go of anger and bad feelings associated with people in your past. These negative thoughts contribute to the present day and actually hinder thinking positively about my life and more importantly hinder positive manifestations of happiness and prosperity.

So I set up a little exercise in exorcising (ouch, groan, giggle for the play on words) the people and events that are blemishing my life as I harbor negative thoughts about them whenever their name gets mentioned or I remember them.

I endeavoured and succeeded by listing out everyone I could think of that I know I have voiced negative thoughts about and wrote a paragraph about them, and why I harbour negative thoughts about them. It was a way for me to shine the light on the 'reasons' so I could dispense with them for good.

That was accomplished by deleting the bad thoughts I had written about them and replacing them with something nice and positive about that person then stating clearly that I release them and am thankful for the good that I found in them and the lessons I am learning. Who knew there would be so many!!

It is so much easier now to not go to that negative place now. Whenever they come to mind in conversation or whatever, I smile and think - oh I released them months ago!

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