David TFTU

The old saying was something along the lines of "When life gives you lemons, make lemonade!"

Well what if you truly understood that life doesn't give you anything and that life doesn't happen to you?  Then you could skip right to the lemonade - seeing as you are the creator and can get straight to the point if you put your mind to it!

We often take the circuitous route though don't we?  When you perceive the events in your life as having been put in motion by your vibrations and attractions, then it is so much easier to drink the lemonade and drink it so much sooner.  When we externalize and complain and assign blame to others, then we are on that self-made circuitous route to the lemonade with all sorts of detours and delays and disappointments - the dreaded Ds!  Avoid the Dreaded Ds by recognizing that your life is yours and you create it continuously and it is so much better when you are creating it consciously! Be your own captain and steer so that you flows with the stream.

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