It's the Law

David TFTU

I truly have come to accept the fact that I am always manifesting whether I recognize it or not. My interpretation of it all stems from my believing that the Law of Attraction is indeed a law.  When we look at the Law of Gravity, we experience the effects of that law every day and we simply take it for granted.  If I drop something I am never in awe of it falling to the floor - it simply happens and I rarely, if ever give it a second thought (at least the gravity part of the experience!) other than 'Gravity sucks!' However, I definitely react and remember the effects especially if something breaks or lands on my toe or I make a spectacular diving catch to save Grandpa's ashes from merging with the carpet!  Imagine having to vacuum his remains?  Oops I'm digressing! I hope you get my point though that once you accept a law as a law you go about your daily life experiencing the effects of the laws without giving them much thought at all.

However, speaking of thoughts, we have a golden opportunity when it comes to your thoughts and the Law of Attraction.  Our thoughts are integral in influencing what we experience with this law.  Using gravity as an example once again, I could choose to enjoy extreme sports like bungee jumping, para-sailing, sky-diving and even simple downhill skiing or sledding down a hill with my kids (they're grown but you get the point :)).  Similarly, with the Law of Attraction, I can choose my thoughts and make my life experiences enjoyable.  

Too often, we simply let our thoughts fly undirected and purposeless, or even worse, we obsessively dwell on the negative thus causing ill feelings, restlessness and even insomnia.  Have you ever experienced anything wonderful from those types of thoughts?  

Let's think about pleasant thoughts and directed thoughts for a moment. When you take the time to sort out and close out those swirling not-very-useful thoughts and you are left with a quiet and nearly clean slate to work with, you can now do some creative and directive thinking.  Go to your happy place(s). Bring up those thoughts, memories and desires that put a smile on your face and bring you joy without stress.  Perhaps it is a childhood memory, an old friend's face, a pleasant dream - anything that gets you feeling good and joyful. Then, from that peaceful happy place, let your thoughts turn to what you want in life and what it would feel like to be experiencing those desires.  Note from this framework, there is no thought of lack or being without.  You are simply allowing your thoughts and emotions to flow with your desires.  

The Law of Attraction simply works with what you put out there. Just accept it and know that it is always working. How we think and how we feel is what makes the difference between attracting those good things, circumstances, opportunities and 'coincidences' in our lives.  The more you notice these serendipitous events, the more they seem to show up too!  Remember the Law of Attraction is always working so let it work for you in positive ways!  Use your emotions as your barometer and realign your thoughts to keep them on the happy side! 

On a more personal note, when I catch myself in the midst of dwelling on something negative and rather than get all wonky about it, I try to just step outside myself and listen to myself thinking those negative thoughts and before I know it, I'm laughing about it - kind of like catching myself with my hand in the negative cookie jar! 

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