Is your manifestation staring you in the face?

David TFTU

Have you ever felt that the manifestation you've been seeking was staring you in the face all along?  It was either there for you to act upon if only you'd notice it or just waiting for you to recognize it. Years ago I remember a dollar amount came to me and it was not some round number like 1 million or 100 thousand but rather $271,000. Just the other day I remembered that number and quickly had to write this article.

Now before I go any further I am not going to tell you that I won a lottery or someone died and left me that amount in a will.  But I will tell you that the opposite of receiving abundance seemed to have happened - I lost my IT job and I was only 3 years away from maximizing my pension and was going to be eligible to take that pension at 60 instead of 65.  I had done the math and the company, even after settling with me out of court, was on the receiving end of hundreds of thousands of dollars in not keeping me on for the remaining 3 years, not allowing my pension to grow to the max and basically forcing me to wait an additional 5 years before taking my reduced pension.

So I could have focused on the loss, on the lack of abundance but I didn't. Admittedly, I was bitter with the company and had to work on being positive and letting go of any negative thoughts regarding them.  I had negotiated just over two years of severance pay and less than a year after, that same company rehired me under contract at my old salary plus an additional $15 an hour.  And while I was under that contract with them, I had replied to an employment ad asking two questions that really stood out to me - am I a passionate web developer/programmer and would I like to work from home?  

So I wrote them back rather casually and basically said that I was pinching myself while reading and responding to their ad and answered with a resounding yes and yes.  Two phone interviews later, I was hired and I had to give my original company notice that I was not going to extend my contract and would actually be leaving  in 3 weeks. I never burned bridges with them and I felt that I was leaving them on my terms and good terms too. 

I have now been with my new company for over 4 years and earned well over the $271,000 but I have come to realize that since I'm in Canada I have been paid in Canadian dollars and the company I work for is American - when I pulled out my calculator and did a rough currency conversion calculation, the dollar amount I received since taking this new job is so amazingly close to $271,000 US I am sitting here laughing and decided to write this article.

Who would have thought that the Universe pays out in US dollars!!

Since writing this, I had visited my bank to transfer my mortgage to them from another financial institution and learned that I qualify for their 'new' product and with moving it over to them I am permitted up to (get this!) $280,000  as a line of credit at 3%. Again so close to the original $271,000 number that popped into my head so many years ago!

Keep your eyes open - your manifestation may already be staring at you in the face :)

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