In the Soft Glow of Candlelight

Karen Money Williams

A counter-productive self-improvement project involves trying to dredge up my long-standing, self-sabotaging "issues" with the hope of identifying and releasing them.

Even though this type of approach to personal growth seems logical and has enticed countless experts, it overlooks a crucial truth: Anything I focus on will grow larger in my experience, courtesy of the universal Law of Attraction. Trying to analyze and eradicate issues is like trying to patch leaks on a ship that continues to sprout new holes. There's no end to it.

If, however, the general idea of the release of issues and hang-ups feels good to me, here is a process that I can easily, happily apply:

I light a candle and sit in silence, staring at or near the flame. I relax and let my thoughts go while holding the intention and belief that the flame is taking care -- cleansing me -- of self-sabotaging tendencies.

No need to dig and delve. No need to fuss and evaluate. I simply sit in silence with my trusty candle and let the process happen on its own. Ahhhh.

This is from Karen's future e-book, Soulsongs Volume 5: Exploring the Law of Attraction.

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