How Would I Feel?

Karen Money Williams

If I find myself upset over one or more on-going situations that I face regularly, there's a step I can take to improve my mood and attitude. It involves asking myself an important and very general question: "How would I feel if things were going as I want them to go?"

That's it. I simply pause and ask myself that question. Then in response, I feel first relief and then some of the emotions that I would feel if things were going well.

This process is not about envisioning a change in the details of the situation, for that can give me the same old feeling of upset and doubt that things can ever really improve. This is simply a broad, theoretical question that evokes broad, feel-good emotions.

I can return to this question and the improved feelings it evokes as often as I want, throughout the day. With this process, I will show myself that (1) I can feel better regardless of challenging situations and (2) the situations will respond, in time, to my feeling better.

And the greater treasure here is (1).

This is from Karen's future e-book, Soulsongs Volume 5: Exploring the Law of Attraction.

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