Grumpy Face to a Happy Place

David TFTU

I was at the voting station in line in front of another couple. The woman was trying to find her Id / driver's license so the line was not progressing. But I figured, that's ok. I looked up and another couple just barged straight ahead of us while she had her nose buried in her purse. I was not too happy. I hoped to catch the eye of that couple that had line jumped and really wanted to tell them what I thought of their impoliteness.

Well I never got the chance, they ignored our line on the way back choosing to walk a distance away - I guess they knew what they were doing. So that added about 10 minutes to the wait time. I internally chided myself for being a grouch, said a little 'Thank you' and calmed myself. By the time I got to vote, I was my normal cheerful self (chuckling as I write this). I smiled and said Hello and was greeted in kind. When I finished voting I also said 'Thank you' and it really did make a difference in my demeanour. I forgot all about the line-jumping couple.

On the way out I bumped into two different people I hadn't seen in years so... my conclusion... the Universe intervened, create a 10 minute delay which allowed me to reconnect with these people! And it is funny... one of them I had just thought about the other day and wondered how he was doing!

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