Drawing the Line

Karen Money Williams

As I go about my day, I imagine a demarcation line. Above the line is glowing, golden light. Below the line is...not much of anything. 

Above the line represents thinking and feeling emotionally good -- optimistic, appreciative, fulfilled, energetic, eager, peaceful, joyful, etc. Below the line is a bad-feeling area that includes boredom, disappointment, depression, anxiety, insecurity, jealousy, you-name-it.

I pay attention to which zone I'm in, for it reveals how I'm thinking and thus what sort of signal I'm sending forth to be matched via Law of Attraction and delivered back to me in the form of circumstances.

When I notice I'm in the lower zone, I make it a high priority to focus on something -- anything -- that causes me to feel better. No matter how much that bad-feeling thought beckons my pondering and analysis, I make a concerted effort to focus on something that pulls me up to the golden zone.

As I make this my silent but all-important work, I'll see gradual, desirable changes in all areas of life.

As my thoughts take me up, my experiences will follow along, skipping. 

This is from Karen's future e-book, Soulsongs Volume 5: Exploring the Law of Attraction.

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