Change Your Routines

David TFTU

So often we find ourselves running on automatic - doing the things we do every day almost identically as the day before. Get up, pee, wash up, brush your teeth, put on the coffee, turn on your computer(s), fix your coffee identically as you've done so many times before, log on to your email(s), read, check the sports scores, log on to work, prioritize if you need to or continue working on what you were working on the day before - and so on and so on.

Where in any of this did a creative thought get projected outwards and where did anything get set into motion that opens up your day to infinite possibilities?

Routine is the opium of the creative thought process whereby we lose touch with who we really are and lose the ability to create the way we are meant to create.

Wake up with a fire and a drive and a shout out to the Universe exactly what you want and go for it! All the while, as you start your day, think upon those dreams and wishes and focus on them as you brush your teeth and wash your face and make your coffee. Why not give it a try - turn your routine into a rich creative routine and watch your world change in front as you have set forth your intentions and given them focus and strength to begin your day.

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